University in the USA for Computer Science | The Top 8 Best University

The United States is a great place to get a computer science degree. There are many universities that offer top-notch programs and even more that have specialized majors in the field. But which schools are the best? Well, we've crunched the numbers and come up with our list of the best universities in America for computer science.

University in the USA for Computer Science | The Top 8 Best University

Computer Science is a broad field that encompasses many different topics. In computer science, you will be able to study the basic concepts of computer programming and software engineering. You will also learn how computers are used in everyday life, such as how they work with databases or how they interact with humans through interfaces like smartphones or tablets.

Computer Science is an exciting career path that offers many opportunities for students interested in making a difference in their community by using technology to solve problems faced by people around the world.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.

Is computer science a good career? Yes! High demand for qualified computer science professionals means high projected growth for many careers. These jobs are often lucrative, with average salaries ranging from $80,000 to $130,000.

A disadvantage of studying computer science is that it can be a challenging field, requiring strong analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, computer science graduates may find it difficult to find work if they do not have the relevant experience or if they are not up-to-date with the latest technologies.


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It was founded in 1861, making it one of the older universities in America. MIT's campus is located on a hillside overlooking Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts—a city that has been called "America's technology hub."

In addition to being home to many high-tech companies such as Microsoft and Google, MIT has also been recognized as having some of the best computer science programs available anywhere.

Founded in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States, MIT adopted a European polytechnic university model and stressed laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering. The institute has an urban campus that extends more than a mile (1.6 km) alongside the Charles River, and encompasses a number of major off-campus facilities such as the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the Bates Center, and the Haystack Observatory, as well as affiliated laboratories such as the Broad and Whitehead Institutes.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton has been ranked as one of the top universities in the United States and the world by several publications, including the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, US News & World Report Best Colleges rankings and Forbes Global 2000 universities ranking.

Princeton uses a residential college system and is known for its upperclassmen eating clubs. The university has over 500 student organizations. Princeton students embrace a wide variety of traditions from both the past and present. The university is a NCAA Division I school and competes in the Ivy League. The school's athletic team, the Princeton Tigers, has won the most titles in its conference and has sent many students and alumni to the Olympics.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California. Founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford as the Leland Stanford Junior University, it became fully independent when it acquired its charter from California in 1896.

Stanford was founded with the mission of serving the needs of women and men who were unable to afford higher education at any other institution. It was one of the first universities to offer admission based on merit rather than money or social status; this policy continues today as part of its commitment to diversity.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1636 by Puritan clergymen John Harvard and Thomas Church as the "College of New Divinity" before becoming affiliated with the state-funded Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1648. It became a college in 1793 with the adoption of its current name by vote of its Board of Overseers.

Harvard alumni, faculty, and researchers have included numerous Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, members of the U.S. Congress, MacArthur Fellows, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, and Fulbright Scholars, all of which are arguably the most among all higher education institutions over the globe, depending upon the metrics a list adopts.

Its alumni include eight U.S. presidents and 188 living billionaires, the most of any university. Fourteen Turing Award laureates have been Harvard affiliates. Students and alumni have won 10 Academy Awards, 48 Pulitzer Prizes, and 110 Olympic medals (46 gold), and they have founded many notable companies.

5. UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is a public research university in Berkeley, California. UC Berkeley was founded in 1868 and serves as the flagship institution of the ten research universities affiliated with the University of California system. It has world-renowned departments like computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Students can participate in many extracurricular activities including basketball teams and student government organizations such as Cal Student Store or Cal Athletics Club.

6. Columbia University

Columbia University is located in New York City, and it's known for being one of the best universities in the world. It has a reputation for being one of America's finest institutions. Columbia has an excellent reputation for research and innovation, which makes it a good choice if you want to pursue computer science as a career path.

Columbia offers two different degree programs: Bachelor of Science (BS) or Master of Science (MS). The BS program lasts four years while the MS program lasts five years depending on how many hours per week you're able to dedicate toward your coursework at Columbia University.

7. University of Texas At Austin


The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) is a public research university in Austin, Texas, United States. It is the flagship institution of the University of Texas System and has the second largest enrollment within that system after Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. The main campus sits on 1,000 acres (4 km2), with another 4,200 acres (16 km2) devoted to supporting academic and residential life activities across its various locations throughout Downtown Austin and beyond. As one of four original "Public Ivy" universities founded before World War II along with Harvard University, Yale University and Princeton University; UT Austin has been ranked as having no less than 46 Nobel Prize winners affiliated with its faculty members since it opened its doors in 1883!

UT Austin’s Computer Science Department offers majors across several disciplines including artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms for autonomous vehicles; computer science software development for mobile devices such as smartphones/tablets etc.; high performance computing systems & applications; security & privacy related technologies like biometrics authentication mechanisms etc.; social networking platforms like Facebook Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp Messenger all these are offered by our department through various courses taught by top notch faculty members themselves who have decades worth experience working on similar projects around world."

8. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a public research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie and it has been named one of the best universities in the world for computer science. CMU is ranked #3 globally for computer science and engineering according to QS World University Rankings 2019 Edition. You can learn more about this university here:

The Unites States is the best place for Computer Science students

The United States is the best place to study and work in computer science. The U.S. has a strong computer science industry, which is one of the most dynamic in the world. It also has one of the best education systems in this field, with many universities offering excellent bachelor's degrees and master's programs in this area.


The list above shows the top 8 best universities in the country for Computer Science students. These schools have state-of-the-art facilities and are located in some of the best cities in America. A student can pursue his or her dream of becoming an IT professional while studying at one of these prestigious universities.

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