You are the reason for the smile: Oh my god! Katha slaps Yuvraj

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The Colors show Muskaan Ki Wajah Tum Ho produced by Cockroo and Shaika Entertainment is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience with entertaining drama. As seen so far, during the ‘Teej’ celebrations, all the women of the house dance together while the Katha sits on a swing. Gunjan jealously pushes Katha from behind, but Kabir saves her from falling in time. Yuvraj gets angry and gets into the car and runs away.

Later, Uma and Manyata come to Shekhawat’s house to celebrate ‘Teej’. Before entering Yuvraj’s room, Katha and Uma go to their room to talk in private. Katha gets extremely upset and angry seeing Yuvraj. He then takes Katha to the terrace and apologizes to her and requests her to forget everything.

Now in the upcoming episode Kabir enters and asks Yuvraj the reason for apologizing. Yuvraj somehow avoids Kabir’s questions. During dinner, Katha taunts Yuvraj and he is forced to leave the table. Later, when Yuvraj is on call with Tony and Bhushan, Katha knocks on his door. Yuvraj opens the door only to be slapped by Katha, who gives him an ultimatum of 48 hours to tell the truth.

Will Yuvraj reveal the truth?

Stay tuned to for more updates.

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