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Where is Mollie Tibbetts’ boyfriend Dalton Jack Now?

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Where is Mollie Tibbetts’ boyfriend Dalton Jack Now? – ‘The Last Day: The Case of Mollie Tibbetts,’ a Dateline documentary, paints a vivid picture of Mollie Tibbetts’ murder in Brooklyn, Iowa, in July 2018. Mollie was last seen on the evening of July 18, when she went for a jog with her boyfriend’s brother. However, the University of Iowa student went missing soon after, and her body was discovered in a cornfield approximately a month later. While Cristhian Bahena Rivera has been named as the primary suspect in the case, Mollie’s boyfriend, Dalton Jack, has also been questioned in court. Let’s learn more about Dalton Jack and his relationship with Jordyn Lamb.

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Who is Dalton Jack

Who is Dalton Jack?

Dalton, Jack was Mollie Tibbett’s boyfriend at the time of her abduction, and he lived in Brooklyn, Iowa. Dalton Jack and Tibbetts had been dating for three years at the time of her death. In October 2015, the pair met in high school in Brooklyn, Iowa.

Jack told, “I played football. I was a senior, she was a junior. After a game, my buddy and I were sitting in the pickup, and one of Mollie’s friends came over to talk to my buddy. So she joined us and came over to my window. I got her number right away. She made me laugh. And I’ll admit I thought she was cute.”

Their dates consisted of “a lot of supper and movies,” and they spent many days at home simply enjoying each other’s company.

They saw each other every weekend and even some weekdays when she opted to attend the University of Iowa in neighboring Iowa City. At the same time, he stayed in Brooklyn to live with his brother and work construction.

According to Jack, Tibbetts would go for an evening run in town virtually every day. At the time of her absence, Jack remained optimistic that she would return safely one day.

All you have to do now is meet her.” He told the source, “She is the loveliest, kindest person I’ve ever met in my life.”

However, the couple kept in touch via social media, and the boyfriends later claimed that Mollie had given him a Snapchat image while she was still inside. Surprisingly, the victim’s last confirmed communication was this photograph, as she vanished shortly after. Interestingly, Jack was abroad on business in Dubuque, Iowa, during the time Mollie disappeared.

Mollie decided to go for a jog in the evening after spending time at Jack’s brother’s house on July 18, 2018. Her spontaneous jogs were natural for her as a former cross-country runner, and no one noticed anything unusual about her conduct. Much to everyone’s surprise, Mollie did not return home that night, and her frightened family reported her missing the next day.

The authorities initially accused Dalton Jack of being involved in the disappearance but later discovered he was thousands of miles away, according to the show. Furthermore, a coworker provided Jack with a solid alibi, claiming that the boyfriend was with his crew in Dubuque at the time Mollie vanished.

The cops eventually discovered security footage of a car following Mollie on that fateful evening. The car led detectives straight to Cristhian Bahena Rivera, and traces of the victim’s blood were discovered in the suspect’s vehicle. Rivera was arrested for Mollie’s murder after investigators gathered enough evidence.

What did her boyfriend say at Rivera's murder trial

At Rivera’s Murder Trial, What Did Her Lover Dalton Jack Say?

Rivera’s murder trial began on Wednesday, May 19, with the jury hearing the defence’s case. Jack said he joined the military because he “wanted to pretty much disappear for a bit” and was heartbroken when Tibbetts was killed during a cross-examination by defence attorney Chad Frese.

Frese brought out conflicting claims given by Jack to police, such as the fact that he told authorities he was watching a movie the night of the abduction but testified Wednesday that he was out with his gang playing games.

Frese claimed that Jack hid the fact that he had cheated “on your genuine love” with another woman from the authorities. In a tense back-and-forth, Jack said that the lady with whom he had cheated informed Tibbetts of their sexual relationship, and that Tibbetts searched his phone while he was sleeping and confronted him.

I was 19 years old at the time, it was the start of our relationship, and I made a mistake.” Mollie was aware of it, and we were able to go on,” Jack explained.

Frese asked Jack multiple times if he had anger issues, and Jack admitted that he did have a temper when he was younger. Frese also stated that the defence might have evidence that he drove or had someone drive his car home on July 18, which Jack rejected.

During the state’s redirect, Jack stated that he did not want to be in the same room as Bahena Rivera because “I wholeheartedly believe” he was responsible for Tibbetts’ death.

What Is Jordyn Lamb's Relationship With Dalton Jack

What Is Jordyn Lamb’s Relationship With Dalton Jack?

When Jack was called to testify in the murder trial, the defense kept interrogating him about a woman named Jordyn Lamb. Even though Jordyn was introduced as Jack’s ex-girlfriend, he admitted to having an affair with her in late 2017. According to the show, Jack was dating Mollie Tibbetts at the time; thus, his experience with Jordyn caused the victim to throw away her promise ring. Furthermore, the ‘Dateline’ episode depicted how the defence claimed that between 2017 and 2018, Jack texted and met Jordyn many times.

Jack, on the other hand, stated that his relationship with Jordyn lasted only one day and that he had not communicated with her since. When Jordyn was asked to testify, she backed up Jack’s claim and admitted to being married to someone else. As a result of the breakdown in the line of inquiry, Cristhian Bahena Rivera was found guilty of Mollie’s murder.

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