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Where is All Star Shore [Paramount Plus] Filmed?

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A collection of well-known reality stars from several legendary shows come together for a lavish holiday at an opulent beach mansion in the reality TV series “All Star Shore.”. The candidates compete in party-style challenges with the aim of winning monetary prizes and national pride in the series. Despite being a competition show, there is inevitably drama when 14 international reality TV stars live together in one house. Anything would be bound to happen when you bring all of the cast members in one place together because they all enjoy the party scene.

They are all there to win the most important thing, the cash prize. so the course of the program engages in some romantic and hilarious drama. Viewers have to watch All-Star Shore on Paramount Plus to find out who will win big the cash prize will be. Even if all of these elements are more than enough to keep you interested in the show, the picturesque setting with the ocean as a backdrop and the opulent beach home tends to make you wonder where the actual filming took place. Well, let us give you all the information about that.

Locations for “All Star Shore”

Spain, notably the Canary Islands, is where “All Star Shore” is shot (also known as The Canaries). These islands are the furthest autonomous communities of Spain and are part of an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Macaronesia. The islands are regarded as prominent tourist destinations because they receive millions of visitors annually.

Where is All Star Shore [Paramount Plus] Filmed?

Out of the thirteen national parks in all of Spain, four are found here, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Timanfaya and Teide National Parks, Caldera de Taburiente National Park, and Garajonay National Park. Let’s now examine the precise spots where the reality stars holiday together!

Spain’s Grand Canary Island

On Grand Canary Island (Gran Canaria), the second most populated and third largest island of the Canary Islands, all the crucial scenes for “All Star Shore” were shot. The exterior and interior photos of the shore house appear to have been taken on this picturesque island, in and near one of the opulent resorts.

Where is All Star Shore [Paramount Plus] Filmed?

Given its volcanic nature, the island, which is part of the Canary Islands archipelago, is mostly formed of fissure vents. Grand Canary Island attracts countless numbers of tourists each year because of its diverse sceneries, which range from white sand beaches and dunes to charming settlements.

The island is home to various Natural Protected Spaces in addition to some stunning beaches like Playa Dedo de Dios, Playa de Amadores, and Playa de Maspalomas. Roque Nublo, Cocodrilos Park, Cactualdea, and the Caves of Valerón are a few more of the island’s well-known attractions. Various shooting endeavors, including TV episodes and movies, have been shot on Grand Canary Island over the years such as The Witcher, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and Fast & Furious 6.