VIDEO: Yuridia reveals that she had intimate relations with her husband on a hill!

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Yuridia She has become one of the most beloved performers in Hispanic entertainment, and this time she left her fans speechless with her most recent confession. As part of the premiere of her new single, a duet with La Banda MS entitled “What if it works?” and which has been very well accepted, she decided to open her heart and give some hot statements.

It is no secret to anyone that Yuridia is a very private person during her participation in the famous program “Pinky Promise” He talked about his intimate life, and even revealed the public place where he had a sexual encounter with his partner.

It was during her participation in the program hosted by the member of JNS, Karla Díaz, where Yuridia spoke openly about some aspects of her private life.

And it is that the interpreter of “It’s too late”, answered some questions that her followers asked her, one of them was about the most exotic place where he has had intimate relationsFaced with this and a little hesitant to answer or not, Yuridia finally decided to say it.

“I’m going to tell you guys, why? Because it’s worth it to me, why? Because I’m drunk, am I saying it?, yes?, on the Tepozteco hill “


Given the unexpected response of the former academic, she left Estrella, Karla and Mario, who were present at the interview, open-mouthed, however, the member of JNS asked her husband to take her to Tepozteco which is an emblematic place of Tepoztlán one of the Magical Towns of Mexicoto also do it there.

While Estrella, who was also a participant in “The Academy”, questioned Yuridia if the stones on the hill did not “penetrate”, for which the Sonoran assured that they did. Given this, the member of the first generation of The Academy, She told Yuridia’s husband that they had at least taken a blanket so that the singer wouldn’t get hurt.

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