VIDEO: This is how Christian Nodal’s new song sounds, dedicated to Belinda?

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Christian Nodal, Mexican regional singer.

Photo: Emma McIntyre. /Getty Images

Christian Nodal has remained in the eye of the hurricane in recent months due to the controversies it has been involved in since its breakup with Belinda Until his fight with J Balvin, despite all this, the Sonoran does not neglect his musical career, that is why he is already preparing his new single.

But despite the fact that Nodal has been involved in many controversies, it seems that once again He is already much calmer next to who is presumed to be his new girlfriend, the Argentine ragpicker CazzuWell, although they have not confirmed their relationship, they have been seen very much in love in various places.

On this occasion, through Tiktok where they have revealed a fragment of what would allegedly be the new song by Christian Nodal, which is a heartbreak theme, for which many assure that it is dedicated to Belinda.

“Today memories attack me, your ghost is still here, he doesn’t take care of me at night, he just makes fun of me, here I keep drinking and I go from bad to worse because I already found out that you’re with someone who tells you that he loves you more than I, I’m still lost in this empty love”says Nodal’s song.

Although the name of said theme has not been revealed, nor has the date on which followers of the interpreter of themes such as “Here below”, “We are no longer nor will we be”, “Bottle after bottle”, among many others, could come to light. plus, They assure that this new song could be part of the new album “Foraji2”.

This past August 4, On social networks, fans of the so-called “Nodeli” remembered the romantic evening they had on August 4, 2021, Nodal and Belinda on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Due to the above, the followers of both singers believed that the two were very much in love with each other, so they ask that they fix their misunderstandings and give themselves a new opportunity.

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