VIDEO: Majo Aguilar, cousin of Ángela Aguilar, takes a turn and launches a cover of a hit from the 2000s

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The Aguilar Dynasty continues to generate hit after hit, and this time one of its most prolific members, the Mexican regional singer, Majo Aguilardecided to take an important turn and released the cover of a well-known song, a heartbreak song but with a group style and in which he impregnated his own style, it is the hit “Morí”, a classic of the 2000s .

This melody was released in 2002 by Tranzas, an Ecuadorian pop-rock group, the song is part of their album “Serenata” and Although they have other songs, this one is specifically one of the most listened to in their repertoire.

Less than a week after its launch, the official video on YouTube already has more than 100,000 views and thousands of comments applauding the talent of the niece of Pepe Aguilar.

There were even those who wrote that it was a beautiful interpretation and that it preserved its Mexican roots, although it is a song of heartbreak that they made some of his fans think that things are not going well in his relationship with Gil Cerezo, a member of Kinkybecause the feeling that he gives to the song makes it really seem that his heart is shattered.

But the relationship of Majo Aguilar and Gil Cerezo are doing very well, despite the fact that they have been criticized for the age difference, she is 28 years old and he is 43 years oldthey star in one of the solid couples in the industry.

Ángela Aguilar’s cousin recently attended the Premios Juventud where she was nominated to win “Mexican Regional Album of the Year”which, although it did not win the medal, was one of the most admired in the contest.

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