VIDEO: Leonardo Aguilar pleases his fans playing ‘La boda del Huitlacoche’

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The son of Pepe Aguilar, Leonard Aguilar begins to be positioned as a more than charismatic performer, and for this reason a few days ago in the framework of the official launch of “El Beginning of the End”, a song with which he has revolutionized the way of creating songs, since, although it is a regional Mexican project, has touches of various rhythms that do not classify it in a single genre and that has been to the public’s taste.

Therefore this time Leonardo, who has been applauded for his abilities as a composer, has also shown that musical instruments are his forte, This time he uploaded a recording in which he pleased his fans with the northern hit “La boda del Huitlacoche”, a song performed by Carín León, which has become popular in recent weeks on social networks due to the challenges they do and use. background.

“Which one do you want? On tour with the Aguilars, Jaripeo Sin Fronteras, Accordion challenge”, He wrote in the description of the video in which the tune of the cumbia and project that received millions of interactions on his profile are heard.

But this interpretation could bring him problems with his father, Well, weeks ago he would have forbidden Ángela to perform a song by his friend Edén Muñoz, well it was risquethe same thing that could happen with this melody that continues to be a success because of how rude it can be interpreted.

It should be remembered that Leonardo Aguilar was one of the last guests at “La Academia”, the son of Pepe Aguilar took the stage of the music contest to show the participants his talentIn addition to singing, he also gave a few words that caused a lot of controversy due to his great sincerity.

“I feel happy, I feel comfortable, I feel at home. I loved all the drama, I want to be invited more often. Above all, I liked being able to differentiate between academics who really sing and those who don’t”was the inappropriate comment of the 22-year-old artist and for which he was criticized on social networks.

Leonardo Aguilar is part of “Jaripeo sin Fronteras”, a tour in which Pepe, Ángela and the singer perform pieces from their repertoire and other famous singers and icons of Mexican culture.

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