VIDEO: Laura Zapata says that the controversy between Niurka and Juan Vidal is “low and vulgar”

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The romance starring Niurka Marcos Y John Vidal It has given a lot to talk about, not only among fans of ‘The House of the Famous’, but also among some celebrities. Such was the case of the actress Laura Zapatawho could not help but share his opinion about it and ended up calling the situation “vulgar” and “ordinary”.

In a recent meeting with the press, the antagonist of melodramas such as “La Gata” and “Rosa Salvaje” was questioned about the controversy in which Cynthia Klitbo, Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos have been involved.

Despite the interest of the press to obtain his opinion, Zapata preferred not to talk about “the scandal woman.” “That’s gossip, I don’t want to get into gossip I don’t want to get into gossip. One way to opt out this vibration so low and vulgar, so common“, said.

Of course, he took the opportunity to send a message to Cynthia Klitbo and recommend that he ignore Niurka Marcos’s statements. “The comments are taken from who they come from, because if not imagine“, he added.

However, this is not the first time that Laura Zapata makes her position clear against Niurka Marcos, since on several occasions both have shown their dissatisfaction with each other.

Let us remember that in the year 2021, Laura Zapata entered the reality show MasterChef Celebrity and the Cuban made strong comments against her. “I’m not going to support her, not the sewer rat, not even in MasterChef, how lazy. She will poison the food!“he said at the time.

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