VIDEO: Danna Paola reveals that she is solving her alleged infidelity with a mysterious man with her boyfriend

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Through her Instagram stories, the Mexican singer Danna Paola She broke the silence and with a relaxed and even amused countenance she spoke about one of the controversies that she just starred in a few days ago and she did it accompanied by her boyfriend Alex Hoyer.

And it is worth remembering that the protagonist of the Spanish series “Elite” was captured a few days ago in a CDMX place sensually dancing a man with a rabbit mask.

Due to the above and in the company of her boyfriend, also a singer Alex Hoyer, Danna Paola spoke about it and revealed whether or not her sensual movements affected her relationship with the former participant of “La Voz México”.

As we mentioned before, Danna spoke through her instagram stories, there she spoke about the “rabbit” controversy and did so accompanied by Alex Hoyer that, although he did not appear in the video, his voice was heard.

“We are already solving the rabbit issue, by the way”


After saying the above, Alex Hoyer is immediately heard saying a “nooooo, almost, almost”, This provoked a nervous laugh from Danna Paola who questioned her boyfriend in a chique tone: “Almost?”. With this they confirm that, although it was widely rumored that they could have problems in their relationship, they are still together and solving their misunderstandings.

In these same Instagram stories, he also talked about “XT4S1S”, the name of his new musical single, which According to her, it has a great meaning for herself, and her boyfriend Alex Hoyer assured that this topic is also very important for him.although they did not explain why.

On the other hand, Danna surprised her followers by announcing her new musical tour in our country, for which the first dates and cities where she will be presented have already come to light, she also revealed that the pre-sale will begin in the coming days.

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