Transform your dorm into the ultimate human cave with these back-to-school deals

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With these deals your hostel will be the ultimate hangout lair. (source: iStock)

Get ready for the coming school year – it’s going full speed upon us. Grab some notebooks and maybe a pen, but don’t forget what’s really important, like making your dorm room look so cool you’ll never want to leave it for class. These man-cave essentials are cool, practical, and definitely swingable on a student budget.

Your friends will definitely consider your room the designated hangout spot when you grab these fun items:

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Tenmiro’s best-selling LED color light strip is about half that off on Amazon. (Source: Amazon)

$19.99 $35.99 on Amazon

LED lighting makes a desk a streaming station and an apartment a hotspot for spontaneous parties. This Amazon Choice light strip changes colors and syncs with your music. You can also control it with your phone’s remote or app.

Mirror tiles can be arranged together or separately to make a squeeze in the smallest of rooms. (Source: Amazon)

$21.98 $29.99 on Amazon

Make sure you’re going for your dates with perfect hair and nothing between your teeth with a set of best-selling mirror tiles that will fit into any space. These trendy tiles can be laid in a variety of unique ways and are currently at over 25% off.

Bringing balance to the Force is good, but this Star Wars poster is saving about 25%. (Source: Amazon)

$9.89 on Amazon $12.99

From your point of view, if you’ve looked through Lies of the Jedi, the “Star Wars” prequels are masterpieces. Show everyone how much you hate sand by sticking this poster from the movie Revenge of the Sith on your wall.

You can get this discounted Back to the Future poster for less than Doc Brown paid the Libyans for that plutonium. (Source: Amazon)

$10.39 $13.99 on Amazon

Keep Your Space (Mc) Fly as Marty While You’re Working on Your Doctor (Torret) With the Poster for the 1985 Classic Back to the Future. The rumored photo of the vanishing siblings is not included.

This customizable floor lamp has three color temperatures, an adjustable standing pole, and its own remote control. (Source: Amazon)

$59.99 on Amazon $89.99

However, building the perfect dorm isn’t just about fun decorating. You will of course still need some practical requirements. This adjustable lamp keeps your room at a comfortable level for studying, bingeing and playing. Get it while it’s 33% off.

BLACK+DECKER’s best selling mini fridge is now available for sale on Amazon. (Source: Amazon)

$128.69 on Amazon $142.99

Every good dorm needs a fridge that’s small enough to fit in the room while still big enough to store some of your favorite snacks and drinks. That’s where this black+decker fridge comes in to save the day. Just be sure to grab this Amazon Choice mini-fridge while it’s still 10% off.

These products will surely help you create a fun and homey dorm room that will allow for fun and chilling. So go ahead and take advantage of these deals while they are here and turn your room into the man cave you deserve.

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