This is the most – Jake Whitman has the status of world champion

Scotland’s Jake Whitman has admitted that his world title victory eventually sunk into the Commonwealth Games.

The 28-year-old, who won the 1500m gold medal at the World Championships in Eugene last month, advanced to Saturday’s final.

Wightman clocked 3:48.34 to win his heat at Alexander Stadium on Thursday.

Jake Wightman, second left, during his summer (Martin Ricketts/PA)

He was announced as the world champion by stadium commentator, dad, and coach Geoff, for the first time since his July victory in Oregon.

He added: “It was special, it was a confidence booster if you declare as. It’s most because it’s what I’ve been waiting for, to be declared as world champion, and be like ‘yes I really did’.

“It was nice to hang out with a lot of people before and come up to me and say ‘well done.

“I’m still less excited than England’s Matt Stoneyer but I think there are more English fans than Scottish fans.

“I figured I should dictate it at some point and I was surprised that we went so slow as the second heat because there are guys who should be known as the fastest losers who won’t.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be motivated because there’s so much more to lose than gain so it’s good to go out there, feel good and deserve to be comfortable.”

Teammate Josh Kerr, who won Olympic bronze last year, qualified in 3:37.84 seconds, with Neil Gourley leading and England’s Elliot Giles and Stoneyer ahead.

Beth Dobbins made it to the 200m (Martin Ricketts / PA)

Earlier on Wednesday, Ellen Thompson-Herrah, who won the 100m title, reached the semi-finals of 22.80 seconds in the 200m. Scotland’s Beth Dobbins also qualified for Friday’s semi-finals in 23.10s.

European champion Jarnel Hughes took 20.30 seconds to win his 200 heat, while Adam Jamilly won his heat in 20.92 seconds.

“It was a nice easy run, I qualified well which was the plan,” Hughes said. “There’s no need for statements, it’s not going to be for you in the final if you make the statement now. When the final comes, you let the beast out.”