They criticize Dulce for making a tremendous rudeness to a street singer: “Take your distance, mijo”

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Singer Sweet is giving something to talk about due to the reaction she had before the media with a man who approached her to ask her to sing together, to which she immediately He reacted with gestures and moving away to take “a healthy distance” Provoking the anger of people who branded her “arrogant”.

The embarrassing moment that the Mexican artist lived was captured by the reporter Berenice Ortíz during an interview in which she was sharing details of the program ‘El Retador’, where she will participate contributing her vocal talent that has come to consolidate her as one of the interpreters most respected throughout a history of more than 40 years.

However, on this occasion she showed that the most important thing is to safeguard her health, so when she was approached by a street singer, she immediately responded with a resounding “no”.

We sang a song… Right?“Asked the man, interrupting the interview, so she refused without thinking:”No, mijo, I’m not singing in the street, thank you, thank you, play us something nice“.

Although he insisted that she is his cousin, and that he would like to perform a song, Dulce suggested he take his distance by making some gestures that showed his displeasure.

Take the distance mijo. Healthy distance, healthy distance. Thanks honey“, he added and then continued with the series of questions and answers with the press.

The annoyance of the interpreter of themes such as “Your doll” and “I still love him”, unleashed the annoyance among netizens, who branded her arrogant and arrogant.

“Of what he sings, he sings, but that he is pedantic too“, “Then afterwards, it is seen that that Dulce is arrogant, why don’t you want to listen to the man who brings the guitar”, “I don’t sing in the streets what pride of this lady“, they stated in the comments section of the video posted on YouTube.

After the controversy generated, the 67-year-old actress also explained that it is not the first time that the same young man has approached her to try to sing, so she had no choice but to ask him to move away since she prefers to take care of her health, although this is have misunderstood.

“He’s a boy who always comes, but I don’t think he does it out of spite. he is a person who has some little problems, so you have to be fond of him because he is not a person who is one hundred. He wanted to hit me a lot and I told him: ‘look, please, the healthy distance‘, but more than anything because of the issue of health, because it is seen that he is a boy who lives on the street and if we take care of ourselves we must be even, even if you feel sorry for the street situation of the peoplebut we have to keep a distance,” he added during a recent interview.

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