The Time Is Now: Venus Arrives With New Money and Career Opportunities

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Who does not seek an improvement in money and career, cast the first stone. After all, lately times are so difficult, there’s nothing like having a little cosmic help to give us the push we needed in life, right?

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With Venus arriving in Cancer and bringing a new perspective to Uranus and Mars, this also brings an astral configuration that brings good energies in various sectors of life, also ensuring an optimal and prosperous period for personal, material and professional interests. In other words, everything we need in life.

With that, what we know how to do well will be even more evident, so if you have a career plan in the future or have something in mind for now, know that everything should go according to what you want. And that’s not just true for career, but family life, love life, and financial life, with a big sharp rise out there.

Not only in the days, but also in the nights, the Moon begins to shine even brighter in Libra, showing that balance will stay here for a few days, and kindness and cordiality will reign in contacts and relationships. If you want to move something, the time is now and the Moon reinforces the need for harmony and understanding, bringing something calming to cease conflicts.

But, it’s worth leaving expectations not so high, since the meeting of the Moon with Jupiter’s opposition can change things a little, but when the Moon and the Sun meet, the good energy comes back to bring great joys and protect our heart.

Ready for these moments? After all, after the chaos of Mercury Retrograde in our lives, there’s nothing like having a little peace and prosperity.

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