The Dragon Prince EP reveals Calum’s surprising season 4 arc

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Exclusive: The Dragon Prince’s executive producer, Aaron Ehaz, details a surprising Season 4 arc for Callum that includes his reaction to Rayla’s absence.

dragon princeThe executive producer, Aaron Ehaz, teased a surprising story arc for Callum (Jack De Sana) in Season 4. dragon prince is a computer-animated fantasy series that premiered on Netflix on September 14, 2018. The series follows two human prince half-brothers, Callum and Ezran (Sasha Rogen), and moonshadow elf, Rayla (Paula Burroughs), an unlikely trio. The baby dragon prince sets out to return Azimondias to his home in Zadiah. Caught between two worlds – the Human Kingdom and the Land of Magical Creatures – locked in centuries of conflict, their mission may be their only hope of restoring peace.

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dragon prince Claiming a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes has received excellent reviews and is being compared to the likes of Avatar The Last Airbender, Hence, anticipation is high for the fourth season of the show, which is scheduled to debut in November of 2022. meanwhile, dragon prince Season 4 has a time jump of 2 years. During this time jump, Ezran becomes the King of Catolis, while Callum becomes the King’s High Mage. However, Callum’s story will go a little deeper than his new appointment to the kingdom.

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in an exclusive interview with screen rent At SDCC, Ehaz reveals a surprise Season 4 arc for Callum. Notably, the season will focus on Callum’s reaction to Rayla’s departure. However, he is coping by turning off some of the emotions and focusing his energy on other things. This causes some character distortion, and some experiences viewers may not expect to see from Callum. See Ehaz’s statement below:

We are starting to see Callum’s reaction to leaving Rayla. He has parts of himself that are emotionally closed, and there are other parts of himself into which he is pumping all his energy. And these kinds of malformations affect the individual; affect a character. So, we’re about to see Calum experience things that people probably didn’t expect.

in the trailer dragon prince In Season 4, it is revealed that, over the course of 2 years’ time, Raila is gone on her own, while the boys are left behind to rebuild their kingdom. Despite the apparent death of Viren (Jason Simpson) in Season 3, Rayla suspects she hasn’t seen the final villain and runs after him. However, she and Callum formed a close bond during their journey together. Therefore, it is not surprising that he would be emotional in her absence. From Ehaz’s statement, however, it looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings, which can certainly complicate things.

What Ehaz revealed is that Callum’s feelings for Rayla will affect her character. Callum is known for being one of the easiest, kindest and brightest personalities on the show. He is also a very talented magician. Ehaz’s statement certainly raises a question: Is it Callum’s signature personality or his skills that may be fueling his emotional distress? Whatever shape this astonishing story takes, it suggests that dragon prince Season 4 will take an in-depth look at Callum and really explore his feelings for Rayla and what their relationship means to him. the depth with which dragon prince Dives into mature and complex themes, such as the effect of being emotionally closed, are one of the reasons the show remains engaging and engaging.

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