The Controversial Pink Spice That Has Taken Over TikTok And Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

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If you frequent social networks like TikTok a lot, you must have seen this pink condiment that became popular on the social network. It all started with private chef Carly Pii, who revealed her mysterious concoction in June by sharing videos of herself with the food and sauce she dubbed “pink sauce.”

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In the videos, you can see Carly drowning drumsticks, shrimp and tacos in the substance that looks like ketchup, with colors ranging from light pink to hot pink, well worthy of Barbiecore. In flavor, the sauce is similar to ranch sauce and has pitaya, sunflower seed oil, pepper, honey and garlic as the main ingredients. According to Carly, the sauce is edible and natural, and she sells it for $20 a bottle.

People started criticizing pink sauce on TikTok like never before, from the misspelled ingredients writing, numbered nutrition labels, refrigeration instructions, shipping practice, and missing food safety protocols, as well as the recipe’s authenticity. Those who tasted it still said that the smell of the product was bad.

“You actually saw a woman making a buttermilk bubble gum ranch sauce in her kitchen in a Minja blender and you were like, yeah, now is the time to support small businesses, I’ll take three. I do not!” Said TikToker Demetrius Fields in a post. “I saw her and I was like, fuck her dreams. And that’s why I’m alive and you’re in the ER.”

Before Carly’s posts exploded, she had 1000 followers, and now she has over 50,000 which can help her brand grow by bringing more food and weight loss videos. Many people called it a scammer, in addition to saying that the product would be dangerous because it could cause botulism, and as it has not yet been approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Association), it does not bring the necessary safety to put it in our food. Would you use?

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