Thalía warns her followers about scammers on her social networks

Written by waploaded

Thalía decided to use her social networks to alert her followers that there are people who, through false profiles, are posing as people from her team and thus stealing private information in her name.

The Mexican singer explained that her followers sent her screenshots of messages in which people posed as their representatives, these women have a large number of followers so that their scam is credible and they contacted users who constantly interact with the content she posts.

“Don’t be fooled, Thalía’s team does not contact anyone saying they are her manager. This account is sending false messages to all fans, ”she expressed through Instagram stories, creating great concern among her more than 19 million followers.

For their part, the messages sent in which they asked for their data and promised to send their messages to the actress: “Hey, you have such a profound impact on Thalía, because she knows all your ‘I like’, comments, love and support . This text of thanks does not express all our gratitude to you, we love you. Thalía asks you to write to her in person, thank you. My name is Mirando and I am her personal manager ”, it can be read in English.

The concern began to grow when several fans reported that the same situation was happening to them, so Thalía’s real team decided to take the appropriate measures and report what the profiles were so that together they could report them and remove the scammers who They tried to profit from the love they have for the singer.

In addition, they reiterated that the singer always has direct contact with her followers and is very close to them through the different platforms: “Remember that Thalía speaks with her fans directly from her verified account. Her team, her manager or management will never ask for private information, ”they expressed.

The profiles belonged to ‘Dani Miranda’ and ‘Sophia’, who were in charge of stealthily reviewing the comments and interactions to be able to contact the possible victims, for which the interpreter of ‘Arrasando’ asked that the accounts be reported: “No! believe in this! Report now! They want to steal your information.”

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