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This color started as a TikTok trend, then became a staple for home decor. (Source: Amazon)

Green can symbolize many things like wealth, nature and well-being. A recent TikTok hashtag has many people “going green” and finding trendy ways to use this neutral green shade, commonly known as #sagegreenaesthetic. With so many beneficial uses for color, why not incorporate it into your home for an abundant, refreshing feel?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of sage-colored must-haves for all your home needs:

sage for your home

Style up your walls with these aesthetic and cool posters. (Source: Amazon)

$12.99 on Amazon $13.99

There are many ways to incorporate a sage beauty into your space for the perfect soothing ambiance. This Sage Green Collage Kit offers a set of 30 4 x 6 inch high quality posters to hang around your home. The Sage Palette is great for any bedroom, living space, bathroom or kitchen. With a mix of fascinating travel, plant, architecture and quote paintings, you will be sure to infuse all your rooms with a sense of serenity and beauty.

These spa-quality towels come in a perfect neutral green to match your #sagegreenaesthetic. (Source: Amazon)

$29.95 on Amazon $33.95

A decorative bathroom isn’t complete without color-themed towels. This eight-piece sage green towel set lends a perfectly neutral tone and is great for your personal or guest bathroom. Premium quality towels provide a soft and breathable fabric that is durable for everyday use. These spa-like towels offer the perfect combination of softness and strength.

This comfy blanket is a great treat to embrace the cold weather ahead. (Source: Amazon)

$25.99 on Amazon $49.99

With fall just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to decide which blanket you’ll reach for on those chilly days. This knitted fleece throw blanket adds the perfect touch to your living room and can be used to keep you and your guests at ease. This French-inspired couch blanket gives your sofa a more stylish and comfortable look, while the lightweight patterned texture is designed to keep you warm by mimicking a cozy sweater.

Change the look of your bedroom with this sage comforter set. (Source: Amazon)

$29.03 $32.99 on Amazon

If you’re a proud duvet owner, it may be time for a new comfy cover. This sage duvet cover protects your duvet and keeps you warm while you sleep. Thanks to the polyester microfiber material, you’ll be covered with high-quality softness and comfort. This sage duvet cover is the perfect starting point for a new fall bedroom look. This easy-care comforter also includes two pillow shams for a complete matching bedding set.

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These decorative throw pillows can add some fun and flair to any space. (Source: Amazon)

$16.14 $18.99 on Amazon

Are you ready to take your decorating skills to the next level? These fluffy throw pillows can be added to any bed, sofa, porch or seating area for personal or decorative use. The fuzzy corduroy texture is extremely soft to the touch and even features a pom-pom fringe design for a little extra decorative flair. When you’re ready to wash these throw pillows, simply untie the hidden zipper and remove the outer layer for safe and easy cleanup.

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It’s no secret that it’s easy to decorate your home with a color palette in mind. Sage green is the perfect color to transform your space from summer to fall vibes. So be sure to grab all of these low-cost products, which are available on Amazon for about $30, before the season turns.

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