Shakira smiles from Miami hand in hand with Sasha and Milan and showing off her “nude” dress

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Shakira, Colombian singer.

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Shakira seems to be a little better after all the controversy that has generated the separation with the player of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué, after 12 years of relationship. The Colombian women was seen arriving at the Miami airport smiling hand in hand with her children Sasha and Milan and showing off a long colored dress naked and heeled sandals.

There is no doubt that “after the storm comes calm”. However, despite looking much better, there is no one hundred percent calm yet for Shakira. The interpreter of “Ciega, Sordomuda” still hopes to see the faces with the treasury in Spain for an alleged fiscal fraud. But now the important thing is that she looked better and even She wore a nude colored dress. long very far from the rocker or sports style that we have always seen. Sasha and Milan hand in hand with Gerard Piqué’s ex while smiling at the cameras from the paparazzi after several weeks.

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This visit of Shakira in Miami obviously feeds the rumors that indeed would move to Florida with his children and that Gerard Piqué would avoid it at all costs. But the Colombian was not arriving at the airport but leaving from it. It is presumed that with destiny Spain. This is to resolve the problem you have with the Treasury in that country and to avoid paying 8 years in prison if she is found guilty of having lived in Barcelona Y not having paid the taxesThese for having allegedly lived there between 2012 and 2014.

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Singer did not reach an agreement with the prosecution and will give battle to the State. As for the move, it is not known if this would also be a good cause to leave Spain with his children and establish definitive residence in Miamiwhere he lived before he met Gerard Piqué. In addition, close sources assure that Shakira does not have many friends in Barcelona and that, if he is not with the player of the barsanothing would tie her to the Iberian country.

We will have to wait to see what will happen with Shakira and justice. Also the place you will choose to live once Sasha and Milan go back to class. For now, we leave you the success of Shakira with Rauw Alejandro “I congratulate you”. The same that reached the number one position in the radios of Spain a few weeks ago.

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