Selena Gomez’s Tangerine Sequin Set Is the Perfect Italian Birthday Holiday Outfit

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Selena Gomez is enjoying the start of her new decade in Capri, Italy, sailing and lounging with friends after her 30th birthday celebration. And like fellow Capri vacationer Jennifer Lopez, Gomez’s vacation wardrobe is totally on point. The singer was seen shopping at Prada stores and around town yesterday, wearing a tangerine sequin top and shorts. She styled her hair into a bun and accessorised it with dangling earrings.

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Gomez’s shopping trip coincides with a new interview featuring her and her friends Ashley Cooke and Raquel Stevens on Stevens’ Tata Two show. give back generation, Gomez spoke candidly during the discussion about the biggest lesson she’s learned so far.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned isn’t about me,” he began. “When I’m in some kind of critical moment, I take myself out of it and just say that the person had stuff they were dealing with. That’s why I feel sad or so I feel It’s really not always about me. And I don’t take a lot of things personally, especially in my workspace. I should take this with a grain of salt, and let me just remind myself It’s nice that, you know, the world is such a big place, and you sometimes think about the smallest things in your life, you think they’ll ruin us. But really, it’s like, no. Sometimes It’s not about you. You have to love people the way you love people.”

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