‘Schmigadoon!’ The team is directed by classic stage and screen musicals — Contender TV: The Nominees

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Producer of Music, Design and Choreography for the Music Series for Apple TV+ Schmigadoon! Drew on classic stage and screen music.

Co-producer Cinco Paul, production designer Bo Welch, composer Christopher Willis and choreographer Christopher Gatelli share their musical influences on a panel for the Apple TV+ series at Deadline’s Contenders Television: The Nominees Awards-Season Event.

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Paul said that he first conceived Schmigadoon! 25 years ago, but it took the streaming content era to find a home at Apple. He had the idea of ​​a modern couple finding a city like Brigadoon that is always a musical, so that they can satirize their favorite music.

“It’s like how you feel about your parents,” Paul said. “You love them a lot but sometimes they say things that make you cry. Lots of love to these musicals but we also wanted to make fun of things that are problematic or dumb or gibberish about them. ,

Paul wrote the music and lyrics for the songs Schmigadoon! He showed Welch a marathon of film music, and Welch aimed to embody the details of his surface, while showing that a little more was down.

“I looked at it like I was in the ’40s, ’50s and was designing this musical,” Welch said. “Not trying to be funny. Just trying to make it beautiful, ideal, and with enough layers so that when you peel off the layers, you see that there are problems in this ideal world.”

Willis particularly studied the way instruments work in music. Through the works of Rogers and Hammerstein, they understood that the score often overlapped many of the show’s songs.

“You can actually have another song in the gap between the phrases, or even one right on top of the other,” Willis said. In the “Entrance” Oklahoma ‘Sari with a Fringe’ appears in the middle and ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’ at the same time. It’s a serious matter.”

choreographing dances Schmigadoon!Gately noted that the characters played by Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key were outsiders. They join in on the fun of Schmiegdoon, but they haven’t been musical all their lives.

“I only wanted to keep a piece of them human because they wouldn’t come to this city and be as wonderful as everyone else,” Gatelli said. “As great as they were, I love that it was a little rough around the edges because it made them so idealistic in this world. They both got together.”

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