Saucy Santana Teams Up With Madonna ‘Material Gworllll!’ remix for

Written by waploaded

Rising rapper and internet phenomenon Saucy Santana has teamed up with Madonna for a remix of her 2020 viral hit “Material Girl”, now titled “Material Gworllll!” The Queen of Pop first teased the collaboration on August 4, sharing an excerpt from this chorus on her Instagram account. “(Material Girl) is currently working on a Grammy,” Santana spits on the electronic production that references Madonna’s seminal song. “Meanwhile, Pussy Poppins With Dude In Miami.”

It was released in June after the unlikely pair joined forces at New York City Pride. Madonna, who still has her finger on the pulse of pop culture, invited Santana to share the Terminal 5 stage for a mash-up of “Material Girl,” a similar 1984 hit with the title. It was an experience that left an indelible mark on the rapper. “I wish I had this moment for LIFE,” he wrote on Instagram, before thanking the pop icon.

“This last week [with] You’re nothing short of amazing!” rebuked Santana, who also tapped Lotto for a feature on his “Booty.” “I quietly learned so many great things from you. Thank you for choosing me! a gay, female, black boy [with] The talent and vision I didn’t know God had for me. It’s another step in the mainstream direction for social media stability, having started in the industry as a makeup artist for City Girls and forayed into rap with a series of viral hits. Her version of “Material Girl” has already garnered over 40 million streams on Spotify.

For Madonna, “Material Gworrllllllll!” A blockbuster is the latest development in the year that marks his 40th anniversary in the music industry. She started 2022 by making herself viral with a Sick-assisted “Frozen” remix and then rolling out a club compilation, Finally Enough Love, on June 24. An expanded version, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number One Hits, collecting remixes of all of their club chart-toppers, is set for release on August 19.