Saturday’s Musikfest Program of Music Festivals and Events

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Bethlehem’s Musicfest returns for 2022 with live music on stages of multiple sizes. More than 300 demonstrations will be held from 4 to 14 August on both the north and south sides of the city.

Here’s the daily lineup of shows at the Wind Creek Steel Stage, the new Stadtplatz (at City Hall’s Porro Plaza), Americaplatz, Festplatz, Liederplatz, Plaza Tropical, Zingenplatz, Familiesplatz, Main Street and more.

Check this schedule carefully for late changes. Also, check out The Morning Call’s MusicFest page at for news, previews, interviews, reviews, and more.

wind creek steel stage

at 7 pm: Willie Nelson and family

north side


afternoon: All the King’s Men – A Jolly Joe Timmer Tribute

3:30 pm: The Brittles (Rock, Tribute, Oldies)

5:30 pm: Hunkjunk (Funk, Party/Cover, R&B/Soul)

8 pm: aardvarxo

Hotel Bethlehem Platz

1 pm: Diamond Swing Jazz (Blues, Jazz)

5:30 pm: aGirl and aGuy Band (Folk/Americana)


afternoon: john fedemo

1 pm: eliaimy

at 2 pm: Katie Henry Band (Blues, R&B/Soul, Rock)

3 pm: Roy and the Secret People

at 6 pm: Darling Sons (Folk/Americana, Indie, Rock)

at 7 pm: Graffiti Smile (alternative, indie, rock)

8 pm: Dinah Hall (Folk/Americana)

9 pm: Jerrys Cook (Blues, Folk/Americana, R&B/Soul)


afternoon: Melody Cruz & Audio Files (Indie, Pop, Rock)

at 2 pm: Reservoir Hill (Country, Rock)

4 pm: Paintly Homes (Blues, Pop, R&B, Soul)

5:30 pm: eliaimy

at 7 pm: Jackson Pines (Folk/Americana, Indie)

9 pm: lo franco project

main road

afternoon: Jeff Crossan Acoustics

1:30 pm: Kendall Conrad (country, pop)

3 pm: Imchalcium featuring RQTech (R&B/Soul, Rap/Hip Hop)

5 pm: Jerrys Cook (Blues, Folk/Americana, R&B/Soul)

6:30 pm: Wonton Soup Trio (alternative, funk, pop, rock)

8:30 pm: Katie Henry Band (Blues, R&B/Soul, Rock)

Plaza Tropical

afternoon: alex cano

1 pm: Moonroof (alternative, indie, pop)

at 2 pm: Darling Sons (Folk/Americana, Indie, Rock)

3 pm: east coast salsa scene

5 pm: Featuring Sacuda Band Anda Sizzle

at 7 pm: eljuric

9 pm: Movement Moves Media and Loud 99 . get loud with


5 pm: insendio

6:30 pm: Gina Chavez (Latin)

8:30 pm: Cunningham & Associates (Party/Cover, Rock)


afternoon: Keith, John & Sue (Folk/Americana, Rock)

1:30 and 3 pm: Lily Kershaw (alternative, indie)

4:30 pm: Comfort Punk Face (Rock)

6:30 pm: Imchalcium featuring RQTech (R&B/Soul, Rap/Hip Hop)

8:30 pm: There, There – A Tribute to Radiohead (alternative, Tribute)


4:30*, 7 and 9:30 pm: The standup showcase includes comedians from Lehigh Valley, New York City, Philadelphia and beyond. *Family friendly shows.

south side

Americaplatz at Levitt Pavilion Steelstacks

5 pm: Joe Grushecki and the Houserockers (Blues, Rock)

at 7 pm: Shamar Allen (Funk, Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop)

9 pm: Igor and the Red Elvis

Community Stage at Air Products Town Square

afternoon: Big Bone Daddy (Blues, R&B/Soul, Rock)

at 2 pm: Stella and the Voodoo Fish (Party/Cover, Rock, Tribute)

4 pm: We3 Band

6:30 pm and 8:30 pm: Erin Kelly (country, rock)

11 o’clock: Sonic Bloom (alternative, indie)

PNC Series at Musikfest Cafe

5:30 pm: Steelstacks High School All Star Band (Funk, Jazz, Latin)

8 pm: magnum

10 pm: Philadelphia Funk Authority (Funk, Jazz, R&B/Soul)


at 2 pm: Joe Miralles (alternative, folk/Americana, pop, rock)

3 pm: Ava Hoffman (Country, Folk/Americana, Pop)

4 pm: Stacy Gabel (Folk/Americana, Indie, Pop)

5 pm: Jeff Crossan (country, pop, rock)

at 6 pm: Neil Grover (pop)

at 7 pm: Alana Mars (Optional, Pop)

8 pm: Cass Noel

9 pm: Kenji Lynn (indie, pop)

Jazz Cabaret Stage at Frank Banco Alehouse Theaters

1 pm and 3 pm: Teen Town (Jazz)

5:30 pm: GT3 Jazz Standard (Jazz)

8 pm: Eric Mintel Quartet (jazz)

Frank Banco Alehouse Cinemas

11:15 PM: late night comedy