‘Prey’ Goes Back to the Basics of ‘Predator’

Written by waploaded

There seems to be an inherent problem with any film series that starts out clean and simple, then decides to delve into its own lore. This is not to say that learning in itself is bad. Lord of the Rings There is a lot of knowledge. It is sold on education only. But it’s when clean and simple films begin to dive into their core that takes us even further away from the movies that made the first film a success. foreign A perfect horror film. I didn’t really need to know how xenomorphs were genetically engineered by androids. even the first star wars Looking back, this is a surprisingly simple film that never really stops to explain anything. And now we get a lot of interpretations over several weeks.

first look again Cruel, directed by John McTiernan, it’s kind of funny that we also get that opening shot of Predator in space coming to Earth. This is about every explanation we find about this man: He is not of the world. And there, coming down to Earth to hunt, perhaps with the same enthusiasm as your Midwestern family member, who prefers to wear camouflage in his spare time, heads to the woods for a weekend. From that moment on, it’s only about the terrifying hunters and huntsmen, which eventually ends with Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, barely blown away after the hunter blew himself up with a self-destruct facility. escapes.

At the end of hunter 2 (Which is almost a good movie), after Danny Glover’s Mike Harrigan defeats the Predator aboard his spaceship (not the same Predator from the first movie), he is surrounded by several other Predators. One of the hunters, without any explanation, hands Mike a pistol from 1715 and leaves. On This Ship, We Can Also See a Xenomorph Skull foreign, Now, the most interesting part of all this was the pistol. Xenomorph was put there as a joke by the special effects team that was also working on alien creatures, But Predator’s future will now be tied to fighting xenomorphs and diving into its own, not very interesting, lore. Whereas till now only the pistol aspect was ignored.

Dan Trachtenberg’s to hunt (which premieres this Friday on Hulu and originally won’t be in theaters due to contractual reasons) takes the pistol concept, takes us back to 1719, and creates a vile and filthy Predator film about the first film. The antagonist in a simple movie is a hunter on the hunt. At one point we see the hunter fighting the bear. Keeps the bear with him for a while.

The story centers on Naru (Amber Midthunder) who is a Comanche warrior – who, for his lack of strength, he makes up for with his cunning hunting strategy – is unreliable by other members of his tribe for wanting to become a warrior. is chosen from that he should stay back with the rest of the tribe while the men hunt. We are also introduced to a group of fur traders (yes, that’s where pistols come in) who don’t get along with the Comanche and vice versa. For its part, the hunter doesn’t care much about the social influences of any one group and sees them all the same way: its prey.

It really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that this movie will culminate in a fight between Naru and the hunter. The techniques used by Naru are surprising. I mean, look, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t defeat the Predator by strength alone, Naru has to come up with another idea too. And all the weaknesses we’ve learned about the Predator from the previous movies come to the fore here as Naru begins to analyze his enemy and figure out how to defeat him.

here’s another wonder how bloody to hunt turns out to be. There’s a reason it’s going to Hulu and not Disney+. Yeah, sure, I was a little worried that Disney might want the violence to be down a notch or two. But it is a very violent film. if disney did Hope the gore would be dialed back, the hunter didn’t listen. But to be fair, it’s a matter of the hunter, to ignore requests like, “Mind dialing it back a bit?”

let’s hope to hunt Starts a new wave of really great, back-to-basics Predator movies. I hope they return in theatres. I got to see it in a theater and it played really well. And I hope they stay small in scope and story like the original Cruel And to hunt (And, Wellsome hunter 2) I don’t want to know anything more about the hunter. I know enough. I know, in its spare time, it wants to kill people. Great. Set it loose and let the fun begin.

“Pre” will stream on August 5 via Hulu. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on twitter.