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Producer David Jenkins is excited about the upcoming season as he revealed an image of the completed Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Episode 1 script cover.

Producer David Jenkins has an update on the situation our flag means death Season 2. The series was first released on HBO Max in March 2022 and quickly became a resounding success. our flag means deathIts popularity grew only after its Season 1 finale, and the series is still gaining support from an impressively new audience.

Despite its incredible success among audiences and critics, our flag means death Months went by with no news on its Season 2 renewal. To show their support for their favorite pirates, fans of the series trended #RenewourFlagMeansDeath for weeks and eventually began petitioning. Worried that the show was in danger of being canceled, our flag means death Fans began a letter-writing campaign for HBO Max, expressing what they liked about the show, to cement the chance for a Season 2 renewal. fortunately, our flag means death It was eventually renewed for Season 2 by HBO Max on June 1, 2022.

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With HBO moving on, work officially begins our flag means death season 2, and jenkins The audience has just been given a writing update. The producer shared a picture of the Season 2 Episode 1 script cover on his Twitter, letting fans know that the writing for the episode has been completed. With the title censored, this image doesn’t reveal much about the first episode. Although Jenkins captioned the image with #justiceforluciusrip, suggesting that Lucius’ (Nathan Fodd) shocking death(?) will be addressed in the Season 2 premiere episode. Read Jenkins update below:

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as artists of our flag means death Ready to go on another adventure, they will be changing course for New Zealand. Blackbeard actor Taika Waititi revealed that Season 2 will be filmed in New Zealand, where the cast and crew will actually be surrounded by the ocean, unlike Season 1, which was shot in LA, with most of their water environment in post-production. were added. Waititi also announced that they hope to begin filming. our flag means death Season 2 until October of this year.

If there are other full episode scripts, it is not currently confirmed, but with an October start date on the table, it is likely that the remaining episodes our flag means death Season 2 isn’t far behind. Jenkins has already given some thought to what to expect from Season 2, suggesting that Blackbeard and Stead will try to put themselves back together after the heartbreaking ending. our flag means death Season 1. With filming to begin in just a few months, our flag means death Expected to release in 2023.

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