NFL Betting: Can the Cincinnati Bengals Repeat Last Season’s Magic?

Entering the 2021 NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals were 125-to-1 to win the Super Bowl. To illustrate how low expectations were for the Bengals prior to last season, just take a look at the teams that are 125-to-1 to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, and the New York Jets. .

While the Bengals did not win the Super Bowl, they stunned the football world and scored a run for the big game. In fact, he had the lead in the Super Bowl with Cooper Kupp’s 1:25 until touchdown. It was a magical season for the people of Bengal and one that almost no one saw coming.

Joe Burrow established himself as a franchise quarterback last season. Ja’Marr Chase broke rookie records and is already considered one of the top receivers in football. Bengals made their mark on the national scene last season. He will no longer be the underdog or overlooked this season. Expectations are too high.

While the Bengals are off the 125-to-1 long shots they were last season, they are also not one of the favourites. It seems the general consensus is that this team is not as good as it was at the end of last season. Yahoo’s Frank Schwab ranked the Bengals 10th in his Precision Power Rankings. The betting market seems to agree that while the Bengals should be good, they are not among the favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2022.

Can Bengals build on last season?

It’s easy to forget after their playoff run, but the Cincinnati Bengals went just 10-7 in the regular season. It was the worst record for a division winner in football, and a record may not be as impressive as you’d expect from a team that made it to the Super Bowl.

The Bengals’ win total for the upcoming season is set at 9.5 wins. While it may seem tempting to stake the defending AFC champions to a double-digit win, it is in line with the team’s performance over the past season. Bets are favoring the Bengals, as 76% of the betting action is backing Cincinnati to a 9.5-plus win.

Bengal are just -140 favorites to make it to the playoffs in 2022. Those odds say Cincinnati makes the playoffs just over 58% of the time. It may sound a bit low, but if you consider the improvements surrounding AFC, it makes sense. The oddsmakers are projecting Bengal to about ten wins, and this is usually around the cut-off line for a playoff spot.

The Bengals won AFC North last season, but they are not the favorites to repeat that feat this upcoming season. The Bengals are +200 to win the division, the second best margin behind the Baltimore Ravens, who are +175. The Bengals are just ahead of Brown, who is at +225. Bengals are the most popular bet to win the division in terms of bet volume, but almost twice as much money has been placed on the Ravens so far.

According to betting odds, the split is basically a coin flip between Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Cincinnati is +200 for placing first or second and +225 for placing third in the division. Bengals and Ravens are favored to capture the top two spots at +200. Cincinnati is the -190 favorite to finish the top two spots in the division.

Cincinnati is 10-to-1 to be the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC. They have the sixth best odds behind Buffalo, Kansas City, Denver, Los Angeles and Baltimore. They are 20-to-1 for the most wins in football at the end of the regular season. Those odds are tied with the Colts for 12th best. The Bengals lead the NFL 12-to-1 in points scored this season, tied with the Rams and Cowboys for fifth-best odds.

Can Bengal score one more run for the Super Bowl?

Entering the 2022 NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals are 20-to-1 to win the Super Bowl. Those odds are tied for a tenth best, with Cleveland and Baltimore, their two fellow AFC North counterparts. Those 20-to-1 odds are certainly tempting for a team that was less than two minutes away from winning the Super Bowl last year, but it also shows that Cincinnati has a good chance of betting on a replay of last season. The market may not be big.

After winning the AFC last year, the Bengals are 11-to-1 to repeat the feat this upcoming season. They are fifth best in the odds conference, once again tied with the Browns and the Ravens. Buffalo, Kansas City, Denver and the Chargers all have better prospects.

Bengals Player Props and Awards

A lot of Bengals players burst onto the national scene last year with their magical post-season run. What does the betting market think about these players entering the 2022 season?

who bur

Joe Burrow won the hearts of football fans with his cool outfit and cool demeanor last winter. On the football field, he established himself as a true franchise quarterback in his second NFL season. As a result, Burrow is 12-to-1 to win the NFL MVP in 2022. He is the sixth best in the odds league, tied with Dak Prescott. Only Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Aaron Rodgers have better chances than Burrows to win the MVP. Burrow should be all set to head for the season opener after recent surgery on his appendix.

Burrow is 10-to-1 to lead the NFL in the passing yard this upcoming season. Those odds are tied with Derek Carr for fifth best. Burrow finished sixth in the league last season. Burrow has just +900 to lead the league in passing touchdowns. They have the fourth best odds behind only Herbert, Brady and Allen. He finished 8th in the category last season.

Burrow’s over/under for the passing yard this upcoming season is set for 4399.5 yards. He threw more than 4600 yards in 2021. His passing touchdown number is set at 34.5. Burrow’s last season was 34.

go’mar chase

Ja’Marr Chase broke the record for most rookie receiving last season, and a season of great sophistication is expected for the Bengals wide receiver. Chase has +900 to lead the league in receiving, the third-best margin behind only Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson. Chase finished fourth last season. He also has +900 for leading the league in receiving touchdowns. Those odds are tied for third best with Travis Kells, Davante Adams and Jefferson. Chase has 30-to-1 to win Offensive Player of the Year, making him an interesting long shot bet.

In his rookie season, Chase had 81 receptions, 1455 receiving yards and 13 receiving touchdowns. His season-long props for this upcoming season are set at 84.5 receptions, 1199.5 receiving yards and 11.5 touchdowns.

Ja’Marr Chase is already one of the best receivers in the NFL. (Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

Joe Mixon

While he may not have generated as many waves as Burrow and Chase, Joe Mixon quietly had a great season last year. After finishing third at rushing yards last year, Mixon is 14-to-1 to lead the NFL this upcoming season. Those odds are tied with Elijah Mitchell for 5th best. Mixon is 11-to-1 to lead the NFL in rapid touchdowns. Those odds are fourth best, on a par with Nazi Harris and Dalvin Cook. Mixon had the fourth-fastest touchdown last season.

Mixon’s over/under for the rushing yard this upcoming season is set for 1049.5 yards. Mixon has exceeded this number in all three seasons where he has started at least 13 games. He had 1205 last season. His over/under for a rushing touchdown is set at 10.5. He had 13 last season, but this is the only time in his career that he has scored double digits.

Trey Hendrickson

The Bengals’ offense gets a lot of attention, but on the defensive side, Trey Hendrickson had a great first season in Cincinnati. Entering 2022, Hendrickson is 40-to-1 to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He is 12-to-1 to lead the league in sacks this upcoming season. Those odds are tied with Aaron Donald for third best. Hendrickson finished 5th in sacks last season with 14. His over/under 11.5 sacks are scheduled for this upcoming season.

Other Bengal players

Bengal open as big favorites

The Cincinnati Bengals began their 2022 season with a home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals are the 6.5-point favorite on the Pittsburgh team, which is expected to finish the season in the basement of AFC North.

Last season, the Bengals were 2-0 up against the Steelers. The game in Pittsburgh was close, with the Bengals winning by just four points. However, the game in Cincinnati was a loss, with the Bengals coming out on top with a score of 41–10.

I am disappointed to see the Steelers enter this upcoming season and I think the Bengals will be motivated to prove that last year’s run was no fluke. I don’t like to score a lot of points at the start of the season, but if I had to pick a side here, I’m keeping points with the Bengals, assuming Joe Burrow is ready to go.