Mermaid eyeliner is TikTok’s newest makeup trend

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When talking about mermaids and sea beings, good stories are not lacking, right? In Greek mythology alone, she is a symbol of seduction, as the songs are said to be enchanting to the point of attracting people to death. Nowadays they have turned into powerful, dangerous and attractive women, and it’s no wonder that many of us like to be called mermaids out there.

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And now TikTok has taken that even further, bringing a new makeup trend called “mermaid eyes” or siren eyes, which consists of a powerful eyeliner that is sure to draw attention. Who started to circulate this was content creator Danielle Marcan, who showed how the seductive eyeliner with elongated movements made with the black liner in the inner and outer corners of the eye can look wonderful.

As a result, many people started to adhere to the aesthetic and so far the hashtag #SirenEyes has more than 280 million views, with users showing how wonderful dark femininity can be, bringing the drama we love so much to a more physical.

On the red carpet, many celebrities have already started to adhere to the mermaid eyes look, with celebrities such as Zendaya and Bella Hadid bringing an adaptation of the classic cat eyeliner, but with a more flowing line at the end, which marks all the dramatic nature that the trend carries.

When testing the trend, the ideal is to calibrate the look to the shape of your eye, with time to see how much drama you are willing to have testing the results, as well as not flattening your eyes by finding the best shape of the look.

If you have smaller eyes, it’s best to line your lower lash line with a nude pencil that helps open up your eyes. If your eyes are close together, bring a liner to the inner corner of the eye and use a highlighter in the area, just like Zendaya did.

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