Mandy Moore Reveals That Moving On From ‘This Is Us’ Has Been A ‘Challenging’ Process: ‘Nothing Will Mean The Same’

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It’s hard to let go. Mandy Moore opening up about moving on now that her time is running out this is us has ended – and it hasn’t been an easy road.

“Obviously, nothing will ever remain in my heart as [This Is Us]And, frankly, nothing probably will have the same meaning to the world as that work did,” said Moore, 38. Hollywood Reporter In an interview published on Monday, August 1. “I love working and I feel incredibly lucky to have the best job in the world for the last six years. I think every creative person is definitely afraid of not working and feels that their The last job is his last job. I’m dealing with some of that and wondering what’s next, but it’s tough.”

The “Candy” songstress starred in the hit NBC family drama for the entirety of its six seasons from 2016 to 2022, portraying Rebecca Pearson — a woman who must raise her three children after losing husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in a tragic house fire. After the series finale, which aired in May, it’s been tough for Moore to leave her close-knit TV group.

“I walked in from Paramount the other day and it was just, uh, long sighs and a little bit of heartbreak thinking that for six years, usually this time of year would be going back to work,” how to deal Star explained. “I really miss my friends. I miss work. I realized, ‘Oh, we said goodbye to Pearson.’”

He continued, “I’m saddened by it. But I’m also excited to find out what’s next, while I try to enjoy a little downtime.”

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The family drama was largely expected to garner a series of nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Moore’s performance in the show’s final installment.

However, when nominations were released early last month, the beloved series received only one recognition in the Best Original Song category for “The Forever Now”—a ballad by Moore himself in the episode. The lyrics were written by the Saved star’s real-life husband. taylor goldsmithwho shares the nomination with the musician Siddharth Khosla,

While fans were outraged by the hoax, Moore took to social media to reflect on how “grateful” she was to be a part of such an “incredible legacy” and show her support for Goldsmith, 36. .

“So proud of @siddkhoslamusic and @taylordawesgoldsmith for receiving an Emmy nomination for their song ‘Forever Now’ on our final season of #ThisIsUs,” a walk to Remember The actress wrote at that time through her Instagram story. “Do I want our show to be recognized as I think it is? [its] finest hour? Sure.”

Florida Native Pointed to Creator Dan Fogelman “Brilliant writing for 6 seasons,” praising “our insanely insane, wildly talented cast and crew” before reminding fans that “our show means nothing to SO MANY (us included) can take away “

in an interview with entertainment tonight In which was published on Thursday, July 28, Moore reflected on the lack of further recognition.

“We are really lucky that we were there every other year except this year. So, can’t be too upset when things don’t go your way, and you celebrate the breadth of the show,” she explained. Don’t think you can say that about a lot of jobs and too many shows. So, I think this is our biggest achievement.”

Throughout the show, this is us Was nominated four times for Outstanding Drama Series: in 2017 to 2019 and 2021. The cast received a number of nominations for acting over the years, with Stirling K. brown Winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2017 wonderful Mrs. Maisley The alum, 46, has been vocal about asking Emmy voters to support Moore since her final performance as the Pearson matriarch in Season 6.

“Mandy Moore is killing the game, son. She’s killing the game and she deserves to be recognized.” black Panther The star said in an Instagram video shared in April. “There’s never a moment on set where I’m like, ‘Mandy Moore is too young to play my mom.’ No, she’s my mom. And the beautifully meticulous detail work and the portrayal of someone going through her character is perfect, man.”

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