Love Horoscope of the Week: Forecasts for August 1 to 5, 2022

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Love always reserves surprises! Another week is coming and the love life of all zodiac signs could change in some way.

Check out the love horoscope for August 1 to 5, 2022:


Ability to face problems and have a better response in love. Patience needs to be worked into every detail so that things don’t go wrong. Need for respect between couples. Desires can increase and open doors in love. Keep your feet on the ground.


Extra attention with family and new friendships. Sentimental adventures can be more intense. Sincere conversations improve relationships. Singles start to channel their energies to get what they want. Balance can help to have good proposals. Change of plans.


Friends come to you for important conversations. New beginnings. Love can surprise. Couples find peace in tranquility. Karmas are ended. Singles receive invitations and new proposals. I didn’t just stay as a victim and heal to have new ideas. Decisions must be made with caution.


Growth of self-love and intense feelings. Love and passion can be more mixed than ever. A surprise. Love is attracted. Communication and relationships that evolve fast. Don’t be afraid to step out of the loop and face conflict head-on.


Important communications and messages. Photos. Relationships gain a special place. Couples should have more expectations and cultivate passion. Passions without commitment can arise. Being adventurous and seeing the real possibilities helps make good decisions.

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Patience is the key to inner peace. You only want what’s worth and you can choose. I want to connect more. Couples can overcome problems that have greatly affected their love. Sensitivity will be higher and intuition too; look within to understand.


Time to keep control and take care of the emotional. Relationships become important in your life or are born during the days themselves. Passion will come with everything. Couples should avoid problems. Comparing yourself with the other will have serious consequences. Dedicate yourself more to your projects.


Intuition is on the rise and it’s important to take advantage of it. Leave the fears. Love will become clearer. People from the past return. Events and encounters with someone who will come into your life. Don’t let anyone abuse your trust. People will need your help. Couples can reignite the flame.


Remove from your life what no longer serves you and open yourself to new possibilities. Negative thoughts can bring problems. A good combination of time to bond emotionally. Don’t fall into obsessions and stabilize thoughts. Situations will become clearer and it’s for your own good.


Expansion and growth. Revelations and Lies Discovered. Transformations. Confrontations of past affairs. Pardon. Singles are freer than ever. To overcome some sadness it’s time to seek help.


Don’t make hasty decisions and seek balance. Avoid getting into love triangles. Stage of discouragement that will be overcome. Feelings become clearer. A fight that will come out with results in your favor. Travel and movement. An invitation.


Need to end with what no longer serves. Reunion. Beware of people who demonstrate something they are not. Love can bring drama and you need to go out more to take care of yourself. A special look. Strength to work on self-love.

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