Linet Puente may imitate Sugey Ábrego and sell her used intimate apparel

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Sugey Ábrego has really caught the attention of many mediaafter in April 2022 he said that since December 2021 he began an interesting business path due to requests from his followers. The actress is dedicated to selling her used underwear by messages, creating a new business that recently confessed that it helped her earn around 150 dollars per garment.

“Every Monday I do a “live” in lingerie and the garment that I wear in that live that the subscribers see, is the one that they can acquire, I even have followers from India so when they tell me ‘your panties are expensive’ well, we also have to think that they are going to India or Colombia… I can tell you that it is a great business and the most surprising thing of all is that they do buy them from me”Ábrego mentioned in an interview with ‘Ventaneando’.

After the show showed this interview, the hosts of the show took the time to talk about it. Y Linet Puente was very interested in the actress business: “Hey, wait, I’m wearing black underpants, there it is, skinny… gentlemen, I need it for this month’s milk, so…”, he specified making a joke while showing his garment.

Playing along with him and showing off his humor style, Daniel Bisogno replied, “what vulgarity!” and Rosario Murrieta told him that “we are going to disinherit you, huh”.

Additionally, Pedro Sola also reacted to Linet’s proposal, but only focused on putting on a disgusted face. After this, the drivers followed Puente and Bisogno’s prank until he asked what the design of her underwear was, to which the driver He told her that “it has a covered part and the rest is lace, that’s the only thing I can tell you.”

Laughing, Linet Puente closed the topic by saying that maybe her business could be more profitable if she offered used bras, “I’m going to start selling my bras, those are going to be sold for you to see.” Finally, Rosario Murrieta ended this moment of the program saying, “Pati Chapoy, listen to what your disciples are saying!”

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