Lea Michele Recreates a Classic “Glee” Moment While Preparing for “Funny Girl”

Written by waploaded

The line between Lea Michele and her “Glee” alter ego, Rachel Berry, is blurring now that she plays Fanny Brice in Broadway’s “Funny Girl” revival. On Friday, Michelle posted a photo of herself in “Glee” standing under the “Funny Girl” marquee at the August Wilson Theater alongside a photo of Rachel doing almost the same thing on Instagram. He captioned the post, “A dream come true. ️.”

In season five of “Glee,” Rachel played Fanny on Broadway, which allowed Michelle to live out her real-life “Funny Girl” dreams on the small screen. This time, “Spring Awakening” star is taking on the actual role after Benny Feldstein left production early. Michelle’s first performance is scheduled for September 6, and she has cleared her schedule to make the Broadway show her number one priority.

Originally, Michelle was scheduled to tour “Life in Music” this summer, but after doing three of the six shows, she left the rest to focus on “Funny Girl” rehearsals, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Tour cancelled. While the actor hasn’t directly addressed the cancellation, it looks like the final three shows are struggling with his rehearsal schedule.

Considering how long Michelle has been campaigning to play Fanny in the “Funny Girl” revival, it should come as no surprise that she’s channeling her inner Rachel and channeling all her energy into her performance. Focusing on perfecting your performance first. Back in 2014, “Glee” producer Ryan Murphy was planning to bring “Funny Girl” back to Broadway with Michelle as the star, but their plan never came to fruition. He eventually told Entertainment Weekly that in many ways Rachel’s “Glee” arc fulfilled his dream.

“We definitely talked about it,” Murphy told EW in 2015, according to Playbill. “But then I feel like we [did] so many songs and so many scenes [on ‘Glee’] That in a weird way, I feel like we’ve done it in some way.”

Regardless of Murphy’s feelings on the subject, it’s clear that Michelle never gave up on making her “Funny Girl” dreams come true beyond Rachel Berry’s fictional Broadway run.