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LaNell Barsock Murder: Where is Her Killer Larene Austin Now?

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Where is LaNell Barsock’s Killer LaNell Barsock Today? – On June 16, 2010, Larene Austin was the first to report LaNell Barsock’s murder to authorities. Despite Larene’s assertion that she saw Barsock and her lover bickering just before the murder, the police investigation revealed a different story.

The Last Day: The Case of LaNell Barsock,’ a documentary on NBC’s Dateline, chronicles the terrible murder and demonstrates how effective police work revealed a nefarious murder plot orchestrated by Larene Austin. Let’s look at the circumstances of the crime and try to figure out where Larene Austin is right now.

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Who Is Larene Austin

Who is Larene Austin and How Did She Kill LaNell Barsock?

Larene Austin was introduced as LaNell Barsock’s acquaintance and lived in Palmdale, California. Larene had never shown any malicious intent in the past, according to those who knew her, and her conviction as Barsock’s killer was shocking. Larene was portrayed as a pleasant person in general, but the show indicated that she was possessive of the people she loved. This personality trait, according to investigators, may have motivated the California native to murder.

On June 16, 2010, Larene went to the Palmdale Sheriff’s Office and informed them that her friend LaNell Barsock had been murdered in her home. Barsock, a Florida nurse, was seeing two guys, one of them was Louis. Louis was apprehended by police for the murder of his lover.

Louis strongly denied killing Lanell and even pleaded with the detectives to investigate his alibi. He stated that he was nowhere near Palmdale at the time of the murder, a claim that was later corroborated by surveillance video from a Los Angeles auto body shop.

They focused more on Lanell’s life after clearing up Lanell’s previous boyfriend. They discovered that the successful nurse was hiding something. She was attracted to women. Her online activity also revealed that she met Larene Austin on Craigslist in the “women seeking women” section, whom detectives assumed was just a friend.

Lanell Barsock had everything going for her, so this was a surprise revelation. She was a qualified nurse who lived in a lovely 3,600 square foot home in Palmdale with nice furniture and a wide screen televisions.

Lanell Barsock had broken off his lesbian sexual relationship with Larene Austin just days before the murder, according to the inquiry. Investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department concocted a terrifying scenario. According to the evidence, after Lanell Barsock broke up with her, Larene Austin became enraged and resolved to attempt to make things work with Louis.

Larene Austin set out to make Lanell’s lifestyle her own from the beginning. Larene Austin, who was out of work, planned to move in with Lanell and form a loving and financially stable relationship with the victim. When it became clear that this would not work, she developed a plot to weave hair extensions into Lanell Barsock’s hair, but instead shot her in the back of the head.

Larene Austin had wanted to dispose of the body in the desert, but the victim was too heavy. That’s when she came up with the idea of framing Louis Bonheur. According to the LA Times, Larene fled to Belize as soon as she realized Louis was off the hook and she was on the run. She stayed there until an America’s Most Wanted episode led authorities directly to her.

Lanell Barsock wasn’t the only one seeing other people; Larene Austin had two girlfriends on the side while seeing the victim, according to authorities. According to the AV Times, one of the women commented that she was fortunate to be alive.

According to reports, Larene dated Barsock for a short time before the latter opted to end the relationship. Unfortunately for Larene, this did not sit well with her, and her quest for vengeance provided her with a reason to murder. On the other hand, detectives discovered a pair of gloves with Larene’s DNA at the crime site. As a result, officials prepared an arrest warrant for her after concluding that she was involved in the crime.

Larene Austin
Larene Eleanor Austin was found guilty Aug. 13, 2015, of first-degree murder for the June 16, 2010, killing of LaNell Barsock, 29, who was shot in the head in Palmdale.

What Has Happened to Larene Austin and Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, Larene escaped before she could be apprehended, and officials had no idea where she was for a long time. Finally, a television show led police to Belize, where they were able to apprehend Larene and return her to California. Larene pleaded not guilty in court, but the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder.

As a result, in 2015, she was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 50 years before becoming eligible for parole. Larene remains detained at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California, until 2032, when she will be eligible for parole.

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