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LaNell Barsock Murder Case: Who Killed Her and Why?

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LaNell Barsock Murder: How Did LaNell Barsock Die? Who Killed LaNell Barsock? – In June 2010, a frightened lady called Larene Austin ran into the station, shouting hysterically that she had found her friend, Lanell Barsock, dead. Larene claims she arrived at Lanell’s house earlier that day but left after the woman’s possessive boyfriend, Louis, became enraged because Lanell was seeing another man.

Larene returned to the Palmdale home on Rockie Lane a short time later to check on her, and she discovered Lanell Barsock dead in the garage. Larene continued her account as officers pushed in to discover more, adding that Lanell Barsock was wearing a garbage bag over her head and had no pulse.

Lanell Barsock, 29, was found in a pool of blood when detectives arrived. She was initially thought to have been bludgeoned to death until an autopsy revealed that she had been shot once in the back of the head at close range.

The Last Day: The Case of LaNell Barsock,’ a documentary on Dateline, explores the brutal murder and how the subsequent investigation revealed a complex murder plan motivated by jealously. Let’s go into the crime’s details and learn more, shall we?

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Who was LaNell Barsock and How Did She Die

Who was LaNell Barsock and How Did She Die?

LaNell Barsock, a citizen of Palmdale, California, was well-known in her hometown. People who knew her regarded her as a compassionate and kind woman who always went out of her way to help those in need. Besides, Barsock worked as a registered vocational nurse, and despite her wealth, the 29-year-old kept a friendly relationship with the majority of her society’s members. It was a sad day when such a precious life was ripped away in a hate-fueled act.

The sheriff’s office was going about its business on June 16, 2010, when a woman named Larene Austin stormed through the door. Larene stated she overheard her friend LaNell Barsock arguing with her boyfriend and returned to find her dead. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, officials pursued the woman and discovered Barsock had collapsed on the garage floor.

She was laying in a pool of blood with a plastic bag around her head. Officers initially thought the man had been bludgeoned to death, but an autopsy subsequently revealed that Barsock had died from a single gunshot wound at close range. There was no trace of forced entry, and nothing appeared to be missing, implying that the victim knew her assailant.

Larene Austin

Who Killed LaNell Barsock and Why?

Larene Austin claimed she overheard Barsock and her lover, Louis Bonheuer, arguing hours before the murder when the police started investigating. According to the show, Barsock was seeing two men at the same time in order to keep her choices open. Louis, Larene stated, had found out about the other guy and was furious at learning the truth. She also alleged that Louis was alone with Barsock’s body when she first discovered the incident.

Following Larene’s confession, the police began investigating Louis and interrogating him about the incident. The boyfriend, on the other hand, appeared distraught at Barsock’s death and maintained he had nothing to do with the murder. Moreover, Louis had a solid alibi, as evidenced by a security video, which showed him in a different location at the time of the murder.

Rather than give up so easily, law enforcement officials dug deeper before discovering a startling revelation. The police discovered that LaNell Barsock was also interested in women and had tried her luck in finding a date online, according to the episode.

Lanell Barsock wasn’t the only one seeing other people; Larene Austin had two girlfriends on the side while seeing the victim, according to authorities. According to the AV Times, one of the women commented that she was fortunate to be alive.

WOW, I could have easily become the next victim.” I was seeing her at the time, and she brought the victim’s car to my house a month before the murder… I’m so blessed… Justice must triumph!!!!

They also learned that Barsock met Larene Austin through a Craigslist dating ad and that the two had been dating for a while before the vocational nurse decided to call it quits. The breakup, however, did not sit well with Larene, who had a grudge against Barsock and was plotting vengeance. Furthermore, authorities discovered a pair of bloodied rubber gloves with Larene’s DNA at the crime site. This finding provided Larene with enough motivation to commit a murder, and the cops felt it was time to question her.

Despite forensic evidence linking Larene to the homicide, the authorities were unable to apprehend her because they suspected she had escaped to Belize in Central America. Her whereabouts were unclear for a long time until a TV show assisted detectives in tracking her down and apprehending her in a foreign nation. Larene pled not guilty after being deported and shown in court, but the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. Larene Eleanor Austin, 31, was sentenced to 50 years in jail for the murder of Lanell Barsock.

Stream ‘The Last Day: The Case of LaNell Barsock’ episode on Dateline.

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