Kim Kardashian pays tribute to Kanye West’s favorite movie in new swimwear pics

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It’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian’s Instagram content has been more talkative lately. From indulging in sun-soaked vacation photos with her sister Khloe Kardashian to capturing sweet moments with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, the mother of four has been keeping us entertained. And the Skims founder is continuing his winning streak, this time posting a seemingly unremarkable series of photos of himself in white bikini bottoms and a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “The Incredibles.” Standing in the crystal clear waters of the ocean, the Kardashian sister can’t help but capture the attention of the camera. But is there a nod to her ex-husband Kanye West in her solo photos? You would be forgiven for thinking that they could be.

as any faithful keeping up with the Kardashians As fans will all remember well, long before “The Incredibles” was a logo on a T-shirt, it was discussed at length as one of West’s favorite movies. In fact, when West finally made his video confessional debut kutavka, it was simply because he thought it would be a good idea to emulate the on-camera interview aspect shown in an animated Pixar superhero film. “The reason why I even considered doing this recording… is because of the film interview. Incredible. It starts with interviews, superheroes giving interviews,” he explained. “The wife’s got a big butt, and I see our lives becoming more and more equal Incredible Until we can finally fly. This movie is clearly important for the whole family, as Kardashian previously shared a photo of her daughter Chicago, now 4, wearing a superhero costume. Incredible for halloween.

As Kardashian uploaded her latest swimwear photos without any captions, it’s unclear if she was ready for the family favorite movie with her embellished T-shirt. what Is What is clear, is that since parting ways with the West, moms and business women are experimenting more with their fashions. everywhere kardashian In Season 1, which aired earlier this year, the Kardashian sister talked about how she has lost her confidence when it comes to fashion and grooming herself, after starring as her ex-husband West’s stylist. How to get

“I Reached A Point Where I Would Ask Him” [West] For advice on everything, what do I wear,” she explained during a scene from the show. “Even now, I’m having panic attacks like, ‘What should I wear? Kardashian revealed that when she dressed herself for the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards in 2021, where she was awarded a gong, West later approached her to criticize her outfit. “He called me after. He told me my career was over. And then he showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar,” admitted Kardashian.

showing her funny side saturday night live To have more fun with fashion, the world is learning more about the different sides of Ms. Kardashian, and we love to see it.

kim kardashian posing in the sea

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