‘Keep breathing’ producers explain show’s ending, reveal what’s literal and what’s up for interpretation

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new series keep breathing Netflix has become a hit and the makers of the show are revealing what happened in those final moments.

Stars of the six-episode limited series Melissa Barrera As Liv, a woman who must fight to survive in the Canadian wilderness after her plane crashes.

The rest of this post will contain spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens!

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Liv is pregnant with her co-worker and boyfriend Danny’s child and was on her way to Canada to be reunited with her estranged mother.

In the final moments of the series, Liv is pulled out of a raging river by two strangers and we also catch glimpses of her in the hospital with Danny while giving birth to their child. It’s not clear if we’re seeing a glimmer of the future or if we’re just seeing Liv’s imagination.

“The ending is literally that she survives. We see her rise again and she breathes. The unclear part, the part for interpretation, is whether the images of her and Danny going to the hospital are flash forwards or her future.” when she thinks she’s dying. Both are valid,” co-producer Brendan Gallo Told Entertainment Weekly,

co producer Martin Gero added, “But she survives. She absolutely survives. ,

He is asked why Liv decided to burn all that money and Martin said, “Money sucks for her. It’s also heavy, so when she walks out she won’t put some of it in her bag because your back.” But keeping anything for more than 20 minutes is too much. Then she falls [her] Finally the bag. She didn’t take drugs because she was pregnant and didn’t burn money because it could keep her warm. ,

We didn’t get to see what happened to Liv after living in the woods, so the creators were asked to share what she learned there.

,[Liv’s] After doing something she thinks she needs, which is validation or some form of closure from her mother, she eventually discovers through very active actions that she is strong enough to be on her own. Is. Not only is she a shrewd lawyer, but she can also emotionally cope with anything that is thrown at her. Personally, I think the things we see with Danny are surreal, so it’s also for me that he is able to love and be loved.” Brendan Told.

Martin Added, “We are all really concerned about being safe and what that means for each of us is completely different emotionally and physically. Trying to control it can sometimes be an act of foolishness. Part of what we’re going to do as we get into the river at the end of the show is giving up a certain degree of control in your life, because life is about to happen to you. One of the consequences of being left in the wild is that You have a lot of time with your thoughts, so as the show progresses, it starts with very impressive glimpses of his past and then he starts to deal with it in a significant way. Healing till the end of it.”

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