Karol G peed when landing in a balloon on safari in Kenya, Africa

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Karol G, Colombian singer.

Photo: Valeria Macon. /Getty Images

Singer Carol G He has completed a very important important stage in his life and that was the end of his life. Bichota Tour. The achievements harvested were many and the bichota He decided to give himself a trip to his work team, “Team G“, a journey that they will never forget: Santorini, Dubai and Africa. In the middle of the safari, they went for a balloon ride and when they landed, the Colombian singer herself stated that she peed when touching solid ground Kenya.

In addition, the singer urban genre, Carol G. She couldn’t hold back her tears either. Her cameraman and friend of hers, Felipe Orvi, recorded her seeing the immensity of Africa And when the song of The Lion King background, La Bichota burst into tears because I couldn’t believe I was hearing the theme song from the very safari in kenya. Inevitably, her feelings welled up as she remembered how hard she had worked and what a gift he can give his co-workers today. This without mentioning that minutes before peed on landing, after a literal ride through the clouds in a balloon.

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Her mother once said: “In addition to her talent, what Carolina has is how humble she is. Such a big heart that she has.” This just when they interviewed her a few minutes before making history in the coachella festival 2022. There is no doubt about this, the bichota She is one of the artists who has shown to be incredibly human with her co-workers, whom she also considers her friends. She took them first Santorinithen to dubai and then Africa and from there he continued to Tomorrowland 2022where he put the name of Colombia in style when singing along with DJ Tiesto. Same presentation where Karol G hid her blue hair with a black fabric.

They will wonder why. Simple, The Colombian singer has already changed her blue hair color and also posted her last photo with it. That said, we presume that his last video clip, if it is not that he recorded one at this time and we are not eternal, was precisely provence.

same topic as sang with Dj Tiësto at Tomorrowland 2022. In addition to the theme of both, “Don’t Be Shy“. There’s no doubt Carol G closes this stage and begins another along with his tour $Trip Love Tour from September. While we wait to see what comes next, we leave you with your success “Provence”.

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