Ingrid Coronado clarifies if it is true that she sued Fernando del Solar shortly before his death

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After anna ferro made it known that ingrid coronado sued Fernando del Solar Shortly before her death, now it is the Mexican presenter who defended herself against the accusations, assuring that the legal battle actually started more than eight years ago when they divorced.

It was during an interview with the magazine Hello! where the widow of the Argentine presenter revealed that shortly before the fatal outcome she had to face a lawsuit filed by Ingrid Coronado regarding the support of her children, which ended up influencing her mood because she was also having a bad time for His dad’s death.

“He had no head at all. Still, he took responsibility for it. I helped him by presenting all the documents that they were asking us for that socioeconomic study that had neither head nor tail. His great conflict was trying to manage everything. He did not agree with his children’s schoolin which the tuition was like the ones at the university”, he explained.

After the commotion generated and that again caused a barrage of criticism, the driver resorted to various media to defend herself, one of them being the program ‘Ventaneando’, where she explained that said information is completely false since the socioeconomic study to which Fernando del Solar had to face after the death of his father is part of the divorce lawsuit filed by him in 2016, and that “a final decision is pending“.

Regarding Anna Ferro’s statements about her children’s tuition, which she claimed was like the one at the university, Coronado stated that “it was the authority that established and quantified said obligations according to the economic possibilities of the food debtors”.

In the document that asserts her right of reply, Ingrid Coronado clarifies that the alimony in favor of her two children, who are still minors, have not been covered in their entirety for more than a yearwhich could bring new consequences as they apply despite the death of the actor.

Likewise, it highlights that the information exposed by Anna Ferro in which she speaks of the properties that the driver would have put in the name of her children is inaccurate, since both departments were paid by the two, and they distributed them so that each one took charge. to collect the corresponding income until the children reach the age of majority, which is also part of the agreement that began more than eight years ago.

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