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In [Netflix] Beauty, Is Beauty Gay or Bisexual?

Written by waploaded

The plot of “Beauty” on Netflix centers on a young woman who dreams of becoming a well-known singer. Beauty (played by Gracie Marie Bradley) has dedicated her life to achieving this objective. She doesn’t think twice about starting her journey when a deal with a reputable label is offered to her. However, living a life of celebrity and fortune has a cost. We wonder how Beauty will survive when she departs from her home, settles in a new city, and enters a field that is infamous for shattering people’s aspirations. Jasmine (played by Aleyse Shannon), her partner, is always by her side no matter what providing her with comfort and support. As soon as the movie starts, it is clear that Beauty is not straight. By the time it’s over, though, we have a new perspective on her and are curious about what that implies for her sexuality. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, we have the solution.

Is Beauty Gay or Bisexual?

Despite the difficulty of being a singer, Beauty exudes enough confidence to persuade us that she could as well succeed. Her connection with Jasmine actually turns out to be more difficult for her. Jasmine is the person Beauty goes to when she wants to talk about her hopes, dreams, concerns, and other thoughts. Beauty confides in her the most, more so than she confides in her own father (played by Gracie Marie Bradley). Because Jasmine is so important to her, Beauty doesn’t let go of her so easily, even when the latter wants to end things because she intends to go and enjoy a better life now. We think Beauty is gay since there is no indication of any other potential love partner for her. She remains with Jasmine despite everyone’s worries. She feels compelled to keep her romance a secret while her career picks up speed, though. She initially comes off as reluctant, but as time goes on, she loosens up and treats it as business as usual.

Nevertheless, because Jasmine is a realist, this doesn’t really put a strain on their friendship. She is aware of the responsibilities they took on by relocating to New York. When we notice Beauty flirting with Sammy, a neighbor boy(played by Joey Bada$$), the underlying issue in their relationship starts to emerge. The blatant way in which Beauty indulges him is sufficient evidence that she finds their small talk amusing. The audience is prompted to reevaluate their conception of Beauty’s sexuality as a result.

In [Netflix] Beauty, Is Beauty Gay or Bisexual?

She seems to have more flexible preferences than sticking to one extreme of the spectrum. Once again, we are compelled to wonder if Beauty is using Sammy to forge a potential romance in the public view. No one will question her relationship with Jasmine if she is with a man. She does not, at least not in front of the camera, discuss this with Jasmine or her boss. She doesn’t discuss her encounter with Sammy with Jasmine as often as she does other topics because it is also quite impromptu. She must have a justification for wanting to conceal her encounters with Sammy. When everything is taken into account, it is safe to assume that Beauty is more likely to be bisexual.