Hugh Bonneville shows off his dark side in ‘I Came By’ trailer

Hugh Bonneville stars in Babak Anvari’s thriller i came, (Netflix)

Hugh Bonneville Looks Like He’ll Play a Quite Different Role in Netflix’s Upcoming Thriller i came,

Downton Abbey The film will feature a cast that includes George McKay, Kelly MacDonald and Varda Setu.

In the film, some social workers break into the house of a former High Court judge played by Bonneville.

The two activists discover the judge’s long-held secret that leads him down a dark and dangerous path that will put himself and his family in danger.

Bonneville is best known for playing an array of upper-class gentlemen, notably Downton Abbey Where he has played Earl of Grantham since 2010.

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He is also known for his role as Mr. Brown in the film Paddington films and starred with George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray The Monuments Men,

I Came (Netflix)

i came Babak is directed by Anwari who is best known for his acclaimed horror-thriller under the shadow as well as netflix sore Starring Dakota Johnson and Armie Hammer.

It will release in select theaters on August 19, before hitting Netflix on August 31.

Bonneville recently discussed whether he would return to do more Downton Abbey After the release of the sequel film earlier this year.

Hugh Bonneville with Paddington Bear. (Getty Images)

He added: “I suspect, on a practical level, it is running its course now,” he said. “I think it was a good time to leave. I don’t know. I’m never going to guess the future, but thought for a while, actually, yeah, why not, let’s keep going.”

Bonneville continued: “But I think it could be a little thin. I think the second film was so joyful and good enough to end the story.

“And it looks like it may be coming to an end. It still has its doors open, but I think it might be the right time to stop.”

Watch below: Hugh Bonneville says: Downton Abbey have run their course