How Lindsay Lohan Restored the ‘Broken Bond’ With Mom Dina Before She Marry Badar Shamma

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Everyone loves a good comeback story—and Lindsey lohan There is no exception! Having recently married a Dubai banking executive Badar ShamasAt a private ceremony in July, 36-year-old Lindsay — who stars in several new upcoming Netflix movies and has successfully launched lohdown Podcast – Looking happier and healthier than ever with my mom in NYC Dina59, sister Ali28, and brother cody, 26. And now, hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY learned from a source close to the Lohan women that they have fully restored their “once-broken bond”.

“Lindsay and Dina are in such a great place right now because they are both leading very healthy lives,” a source told us. “He takes good care of himself and has worked a lot on himself. Lindsay has restored the once broken bond with her mother and has a wonderful relationship with all her siblings. ,

In 2021, Dina was convicted of drunk driving and as a result, her life has completely changed for the better. The source told us, “Dina knows where she went wrong in the past and has made it right.” “Lindsay has also overcome her demons and everyone is very proud of her. They now have the mother-daughter relationship they’ve always wanted.”

So, what does Dinah think of Lindsay’s new husband Bader? “Dina has taken Badar for granted from day one and she has become really close to him. She thinks he is a wonderful boy and the ideal son-in-law,” said the source. “Dina is very involved in their lives and Lindsay Helped her a lot with her marriage and whatever is going on in her life right now, including acting. But Dinah never wants to push Lindsay into anything anymore.”

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