Highlight’s Lee Gikwang and Yang Yoseb diagnosed with COVID-19

On August 6, Around Us Entertainment announced that two Highlight members had been diagnosed with COVID-19. In addition, Yoon Dojoon and Son Dongwoon will remain in self-isolation until August 8.

Hello, this is Around Us Entertainment.

Our artists Yang Yoseb and Lee Geekwang tested positive for COVID-19.

Yang Yoseb underwent a PCR test after entering the country on August 3 and received negative results. However, due to minor body pain, he underwent another PCR test on 5 August for re-examination, and today (August 6) he was diagnosed with COVID19.

Yoon Dojoon, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon also tested negative through PCR tests conducted after entering the country on August 3. Although they were not showing any related symptoms. [to COVID-19]He underwent rapid antigen tests preemptively on 6 August.

As a result, Lee Gikwang tested positive, and Yun Doojun and Song Dongwoon tested negative.

Accordingly, Yoon Dojoon and Son Dongwoon also underwent PCR tests today and will remain in self-isolation till Monday, August 8, when the test results are out.

Yang Yoseb and Lee Geekwang had previously received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Yang Yoseb has no symptoms other than mild body aches, and Li Gikwang currently has no symptoms.

Yang Yoseb and Lee Geekwang will suspend all scheduled activities and focus on self-isolation and home treatment in accordance with the guidelines of government health officials.

We will put the health of our artists first and will do our best to treat and recover so that they can meet their fans in good health. We will also try to ensure the safety of all by following the guidelines of the health authorities.