“He Was Throwing At Half Time” New Father Jack Ashworth Welcomed After Big Performance

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Huddersfield Giants team Jack Ashworth SWpix Credit: PA Images

Huddersfield coach Ian Watson praised Jack Ashworth’s winning efforts at Hull after his wife gave birth to the couple’s first child on Thursday.

The Giants made three attempts in the final 10 minutes to win 22-16, after going 16-6 against Hull an hour later, cementing their position in the top four of the Super League.

About Jack Ashworth, Watson said, “He didn’t get much sleep.”

“I think he had too much caffeine and was throwing up in the changing room at half-time. He played on adrenaline, but he played well for us to be fair.”

Ian Watson: We showed the champion mentality

Watson said he was never concerned about the outcome of his game against Hull. He praised his side with patience and resilience as they put up a stormy end.

He added: “We just had to complete our sets. We felt comfortable against him and dominated the bulk of the game.

“It was just our silly mistakes that disappointed him and gave him a little start.

“Once we started completing our sets, they could not handle us.

“The flexibility to get back into the game showed a real champion mentality, which is really good for us, because if you look back 12 months, we lost that game.

“We have to be better at the beginning not to let the teams get away from us.”

Scrum-half Theo FaZe produced a masterclass in game management to get the Giants within bounds – he also tried a 62nd minute attack which struck late – while match-starting hooker Danny Levy on the bench struck two. Made decisive blows with opportunistic tries in the last seven minutes.

“We’ve been talking about him not scoring those attempts for a while, so it’s a good time to score doubles,” Watson said. “It makes him a threat. I thought he was excellent.”

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