Harley Quinn’s Nightwing actor thanks fans after series debut

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Now that Nightwing Harley Quinn has arrived in Season 3, fans took to social media to praise voice actor Harvey Guillen for her performance.

Harvey Guillen thanks his fans for voicing Nightwing on Season 3 of the animated DC series Harley Quinn, Actor best known for playing fan-favorite acquaintance Guillermo in live-action vampire comedy what do we do in the shadows, With the show’s recent season premiere, Guillen has shown his gratitude for the continued love and support of being a part of the DC universe.

Harley Quinn Returns to HBO Max on July 28 with a three-episode season premiere. One of the biggest talking points prior to Season 3 was the newly formed relationship between Harley Quinn, voiced by Kelly Cuoco, and Poison Ivy, voiced by Lake Bell. The second episode of the season, titled “There’s No Ivy in the Team,” sees the series debut of Nightwing, whose real name is Dick Grayson, as he returns with his Bat-family to fight crime in Gotham City. Guillen’s performance has made fans laugh.

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On Instagram, Guillen shared several fan art posts and praise for his Nightwing performance. The first was a portrait of Guillén himself in a nightwing uniform by the painter Christian Simoroni. Others included tweets by fans praising the voice work while encouraging others to see Guillen’s other works, notably what do we do in the shadows, There was also a video compilation of some of his most notable quotes from an episode. Guillen writes:

Thank you so much for the love and support of Nightwing at @dcharleyquinn. ,

Harley Quinn He has received praise for his deeply comedic take on the DC universe and its characters. The show’s treatment of Nightwing has proven to be no exception. displayed a sense of humor Harley Quinn Guillen to give lines like this”Did your mother ever tell you not to play with matches?” And “F*** MacaroniHilarious, which has been commented on by some fans as their favorite lines. As also said by Guillen, Harley Quinn Not his only venture into the DC property, as his role in the feature film has been confirmed. blue beetle For the DC Extended Universe, which is scheduled for release on August 18, 2023.

The choice to present Nightwing as the brooding edge lord until his true nature as a pouty drama queen was another great addition by him Harley Quinn creative team. Nightwing’s Popularity Thanks to the Huge Popularity of Guillen what do we do in the shadowsHis performance, and the delivery of both super-serious and whiny lines, left fans swaying for his performance. Harley Quinn, It’s also refreshing to see how grateful Guillan is to his fans. With seven more episodes of Season 3 to go, there’s plenty of time left for Nightwing to expect more hilarious results and dialogue against Harley or any other DC villain.

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