Haaland ‘won’t think much’ while preparing for Premier League start

Erling Haaland has said he will not miss out on missed opportunities as he prepares for his Premier League debut with Manchester City.

Premier League champions begin their title defense at West Ham on Sunday, and sealing Haaland’s signing in June sparked further fear across the league.

However, his debut in the City shirt did not go as planned as he handed Liverpool a blank in a 3-1 Community Shield defeat, which involved hitting the crossbar from point-blank boundary late.

Speaking to former Newcastle United and England striker Alan Shearer for BBC Sport and The Athletic, the 22-year-old outlined his process as a goalscorer, and why he can’t carry those omissions to future games. Will give

“As a striker, I think it’s really important not to think too much when you’re in the game,” Haaland said. “If I’m going to my next game thinking I missed the last game, that’s not good.

“You have to starve into the game. It doesn’t matter what happened before, if you scored three goals, if you scored zero goals, if you haven’t scored in a while. You have to go into the game with the same mindset. And so on.” I think about not thinking about it much.”

Erling Haaland

Haaland has scored 86 goals in 89 games in two-and-a-half years at Borussia Dortmund but admits there is added pressure to play for City, who have won four of their last five Premier League titles, including beating Liverpool by one. Last season point.

“Yeah, of course it’s pressure,” he said. “I’m playing for champions… so there’s pressure, but in my mind, it’s about smiling as much as I can, trying to go out on the pitch and enjoy the game. Because life gets faster and Suddenly my career is over.

“You saw that with my father (who retired at the age of 30 because of an injury), it’s all of a sudden. So it’s about trying to enjoy every single minute of it because I really I am lucky that I got this job and here I am.

“In the end, we just want to enjoy playing football, enjoy our childhood dream. There will be people talking about you, especially as a striker. , but in the end you can’t choose what people say, what people read, what people think of you.

“It’s something you just have to live with. And yes, I enjoy it.”

Haaland also outlined his early impressions of working with Pep Guardiola, who has won four Premier League titles, four EFL Cups and one FA Cup since taking over as manager in 2016.

“He is demanding in his messages what to do and everything to be done at 100 per cent,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a typical type of running exercise, do it at 100 percent, like you would do it on the pitch. Train as you play. The easier it is.”

The imposing striker is hoping to bring something extra for City, who were knocked out of the Champions League by eventual winners Real Madrid in last season’s semi-finals.

“We come in as champions from last year, so we have to do the same things they did and hopefully be even better,” Haaland said.

“Be even better in important games like the Champions League and the Cup, and to keep up with the Premier League all the time.

“It’s not easy as we know it. It’s a tough league, there are a lot of good teams, but it’s about building on what they’ve been doing here for so many years.

“I want to come here and bring my kind of stuff to the game and hopefully get better.”