Guests demand refund after bride postponed wedding to treat cancer

As much as we plan a whole wedding, making it something special, there are things we can’t predict and we can only hope for this to be one of the happiest days of our lives, right? And for that, nothing better than being in good health and being able to celebrate a lot.

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Unfortunately, this was not what happened to a bride, who was diagnosed with cancer and needed to start her treatment two weeks before the day of the wedding ceremony, which made her make the decision to postpone everything, to be able to enjoy everything in a moment. better in the future.

Nothing more than understandable, right? But even though this was an already difficult decision for the bride, she still had to hear from the guests who demanded reimbursement for the flights they needed to take to go to her wedding, not wanting to bother with the issue of the bride’s treatment.

The case was reported in a Facebook group and shared on Reddit. “We have received a lot of support and understanding, but unfortunately some people want us to reimburse them for canceled flights. How do I deal with this situation? Am I wrong to say no?”

The person who posted later added a comment explaining that the case came from an Australian wedding group, saying the bride confirmed that the guests knew the reason for postponing the wedding before requesting refunds.

Of course, people were outraged and perplexed by these comments, taking the bride’s side. “Then it’s worse because they know exactly why it was canceled and they still ask for refunds. Maybe be a good friend and fly to see your friend who has cancer.” commented one of them, while others called the attitude shameful, saying that people should just use this ticket to go on vacation.

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