Green Park reopens after damage from Dorian

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Leah Deagle, who helped run the campground, said: ‘The park hasn’t been open or run by anyone since that big storm. (Tony Davis/CBC – image credit)

After sustaining significant damage during post-tropical Hurricane Dorian in 2019, a PEI campground has finally reopened, but new owners worry that some may not know Green Park is back.

Last year the campground had a soft open as the storm clean-up was still being done.

“The park hasn’t been open or run by anyone since that big storm,” said Leah Deagle, who helped run the campground.

A lot of fallen trees and others at risk of falling had to be cut to open the campground – some of them still in progress, she said.

“There were a lot of trees down here, there were trees here on the roads. I think we’re still cutting down trees that have been felled by that storm.”

Natalia Goodwin / CBC

Dorian caused extensive damage throughout PEI National Park, where Green Park is located.

While there were some bookings last year, things were tough.

“We’re getting a lot of bookings this year, so I’d say we’re probably up 90 percent because last year we had some sites that we’d never even visited. And more people are finding out that we’re open.” are,’ she said.

Deagle says he’s had trouble getting the word out since he acquired the park last year.

“We had a major issue with the phone number, so we have a new phone number. We still have people calling the old number for the campground. So we’re trying to figure out our new phone number.” So that everyone can know this.”

The correct number is now showing on Google search.

Tony Davis / CBC

Daigle said the province spent money to fix some of the cabins on the water’s edge that had been damaged by Dorian.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s a big park to maintain because it’s sprawling. One of our biggest challenges is cutting the grass here because I think the park is only 13 acres.”

Deagle said Dorian provided a silver lining, as there was now free firewood for campers from trees that had to be cut.