Get to know inside the spectacular Bad Bunny mobile home

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Puerto Rican singer bad bunny28 years old and who is on everyone’s lips for his alleged relationship with chavismohas a spectacular trailer that is his best ally during his exhausting tours, because inside it has all the comforts that we can imagine.

The mobile home of the interpreter of ‘Me Porto Bonito’, which draws attention for its matte black bodywork, is a real apartment inside, as we could see in the photos. photos you posted on Airbnb when you decided to rent your trailer for three nights.

The trailer, which was designed by West Coast Customs and its decoration is inspired by some of the greatest hits of ‘Bad Rabbit’, it has a dining room, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, with the kitchen being largely absent.

Dinning room

The dining room, located in a room with tiles that simulate a chessboard, is made up of a round table with capacity for two red chairs.

It also has a couple of shelves, a painting with the Puerto Rican flag, a couple of lamps, a cabinet for your plants, a bookcase and a minibar.

Living room

The living room, located between the dining room and the bedroom, is made up of a gray sofa, a television, a rug, two curtains, two lamps and an animal skull.

Gaming table

In addition to the dining table, inside the mobile home there is another one, which has capacity for two people.

The table and chairs are white and are ideal for when Bad Bunny wants to play a game of dominoes, read a book or do whatever comes to mind.


The bedroom, which attracts attention with its pink walls, is made up of a large bed, three steps, two pink shelves, two curtains, a rug and a LED with the image of a rabbit.

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