Everything Daryl Powell said on next week’s Wigan defeat, the relegation fight, and Toulouse

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Warrington coach Daryl Powell said next week’s clash with Toulouse is a win-win game as they look to secure their Super League status for 2023.

The Wolves took a 6-4 lead at half-time against rival Wigan on Friday night, but the Warriors claimed a 32-6 win at DW Stadium.

Warrington sits at the bottom of the Super League table just four points above Toulouse and two points above Wakefield, which has a game in hand.

Here’s Daryl Powell’s Everything After Losing at Wigan:

It was a familiar pattern we’ve seen this season…

I guess it’s different if I’m being honest. Sin-binning had a massive impact on the game last week. If you look at the first half, we could have easily led 18-4. We dropped the ball on kick, George is straight and probably scores himself if he runs with it and passes the pass. Matty Ashton tried to lift the ball up instead of keeping it on his foot.

We didn’t take our chances and if you see what they did in the second half, they took advantage of the opportunity. We had two more chances in the second half with Matty Ashton going to the intercept. Critical moments are going against us but nothing in that game.

You look at the scoreline, but it was not that kind of game. It’s not a game of lack of effort and I will fight anyone who says it. The boys have worked very hard there and they have some players who have done something with us at the back end that blew up the score. It was a close game and we did a lot of good things. If we took half a chance it’s a fair game.

What was special for you?

We made six chances. He probably made six, but he took them. He scored from three kicks which were fair kicks. His kicking game was excellent for our right edge. They put Conor (Wrench) under pressure and they go after it. He got a few tries from offload, we should have locked the ball. We knocked off a bit at the end and (Jay) Field took a solo effort. As far as the teams chasing each other is concerned, I thought it was a really good competition and we did a lot.

You really fought them…

We were 6-4 at half-time and it could have easily gone away. Wigan just took a little class about them. They are playing with confidence. We may have created those chances but we are not playing with great confidence. I thought in many ways that we were really good.

It was always going to happen about next week (Toulouse). We’re not kidding ourselves. We wanted to win tonight, I thought we put ourselves in a good position but we weren’t good enough to do that. We know where we sit and what we have to do, we have to run after it. I thought enough to be really positive about tonight and that’s what we go on.

Did you have Toulouse in mind before this Wigan game?

I know it’s there. I’m the head coach of the club, I know it’s there. I am not talking to the players about it but we know we have to win 100 per cent matches next week. I think we can have a short end of the season where we can play well. I’m looking forward to having Matt Duty available next week but I’m not 100% sure if he is but he gives us a lift although I thought Thewlis did some special things today and put us in great positions kept. ,

Was tonight a step ahead?

I think it was. We created opportunities. The scoreboard tells you we lost easily but I don’t think we did. Wigan will tell you they’ve been in an uphill battle there. There are definitely some things that we need to improve, but I thought there were some really cool things today and fix the things that could be better and then off we go.

Daryl Powell and his side will welcome Toulouse in a live clash at Halliwell Jones Stadium next Thursday sky game,

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