Eoin Morgan: The Hundred has survived its biggest trial

Morgan speaking at the launch of KP Snacks’ summer cricket roadshow at The Black Prince Trust in Ovala

Former England captain Eoin Morgan believes The Hundred has survived its biggest test as the tournament begins in its second year, Sportsbeat’s Millie McAvoy writes.

Opinion is divided in the 100-ball format despite being successful with crowds and families last year and the 35-year-old is again pulling the blue of the London spirit.

Morgan left Spirit last season, with the Lord’s-based side moving up the men’s table, although this did not spoil their experience.

“Last year was the final test,” the World Cup winner said. “People hated it like you can’t believe it, so we’ve gone beyond that.

“Progress is like three years down the road. Given the various challenges, this is not the first year but the second year, it is beyond that.

“I’m just going to try and enjoy myself. I’m enjoying training, which is a start because I don’t usually enjoy training.

“Whenever I get to the stage where I’m not enjoying it, I’ll finish. But I want to enjoy it and last year I loved it and we were crap. It’s a good sign, so I’m looking forward to it.”

The Middlesex players were speaking at the launch of KP Snacks’ summer cricket roadshow at The Black Prince Trust at The Oval. KP Snacks is the Official Team Partner of The Hundred and is on a mission to inspire more families to get active through cricket by bringing a pop-up experience on a nationwide tour of the country.

Morgan Spirit began their campaign on 4 August in the local derby against the Oval Invisibles and played their first home game four days later against Manchester Originals.

The former England white-ball captain took time off from his international career in June this year after poor form and will combine his cricket with working as a commentator for Sky Sports.

Last year the men’s side of the London Spirit was coached by the late Shane Warne and the demise of the Australian legend provided Morgan an opportunity to be reunited with Trevor Bayliss, who helped him lift the World Cup trophy in 2019.

He said: “Trevor Bayliss and I know each other inside out. We know our strengths, our strategies, our plans.

“The difficult thing is obviously what every team goes through and that is trying to integrate it within four weeks.

“But of course there’s a lot of simple improvements that we can make last year, we signed some great ones, so hopefully we can get the best out of them.”

During his time as England captain, Morgan was known to celebrate diversity in his team, famously saying ‘Allah was with us’ after their World Cup victory.

And for Morgan, the biggest success of The Hundred last year was the reforms made for women in cricket.

He said: “I think we saw a huge amount of evidence last year when it came to power about what a tournament like this can do for the sport.

“The biggest positive of last year was the growth in the women’s game and the level of attention it attracted was extraordinary.

“The crowd that turned out to be far and wide, there were stories of parents being girls who had never seen cricket.

“There were girls who didn’t realize that they were allowed to play cricket. So that was the biggest advantage of the tournament.”

KP Snacks, The Hundred’s official team partner, is touring the country this summer to provide people with more opportunities to play cricket as part of their ‘Everyone In’ campaign. meeting