Ellen Barkin claims Johnny Depp supplied her with Qualude drug before she had sex for the first time

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Ellen Barkin has claimed that Johnny Depp gave her a drug before having sex for the first time.

Actors, whose credits include films very beautiful And big EasyIn November 2019, she testified about her former relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Portions of the video statement were shown during Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard earlier this year. Other parts, including Barkin’s claim, have come to light following the release of pretrial documents relating to the case.

In the video, Barkin says that they first began dating in 1994, who were already friends. entertainment tonight Reports include the actor claiming that, prior to their first sexual interaction, he “resisted a little – not much” after being pulled over by Depp. [her] on his lap”.

“He came up to me in the living room of my house, pulled me on his lap and said something like, ‘Oh, come on Ellen,’ or whatever,” the outlet reported Barkin as saying. “I protested a little and then – not much. And that was it.”

Barkin clarified in the video that Depp did not assault her, but alleged: “He gave me a qualude and asked me if I wanted to ****.”

A qualude is considered a sedative and hypnotic drug, and was commonly used in the US in the 1970s for anxiety and stress. In the 1980s, it was made illegal by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Barkin also accused Depp of throwing a bottle of wine at him daily mail Reporting the actor saying: “There was always an air of violence around him. He is a shouter, he is verbally abusive. And the things you can see.”

Depp has previously denied these claims during his defamation lawsuit. Sun In 2020, stating: “I have no problems with anger management.”

Another ex-girlfriend of Depp, dirty dance Star Jennifer Gray spoke out about her former relationship, with the actor saying she didn’t “identify” him as the person she once knew in footage of the Herd Trial.

The actor won his highly publicized trial against Heard, in which a jury found that Heard had defamed Depp on all three counts. He was awarded $10m (£8m) in compensatory damages and $5m (£4m) in punitive damages.

Ellen Barkin claims Johnny Depp ‘qualified’ her and asked me if I wanted to ****.

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Meanwhile, Hurd was awarded $2m (£1.6m) in compensatory damages, but no punitive damages.

Earlier this week, Christina Ricci opened up about Depp’s childhood memory of “what homosexuality was”.

“Something was going on on the sets and nobody was doing well with anyone else. And they were like, ‘Oh, well, he might be homophobic,’” Ricci explained to Andy Cohen during a recent appearance on his SiriusXM radio show.

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